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Born on 30 September 1965 in Orenburg.


Graduated from the Electromechanical Department at the Orenburg Polytechnical Institute, the Graduate School of the Moscow Youth Institute (Moscow University for the Humanities) (with a PhD in Economics), and the Higher School of Management at St. Petersburg State University (with an MBA).

Key work positions:

1990–1995 – Chairman of the Committee for Youth Affairs, Orenburg Municipal Administration.

1995–1998 – Head of the Innovation Department at the Committee for Family, Childhood and Youth Affairs, St. Petersburg Municipal Administration.

1998–2004 – Director for Commerce and Development, Petersburg-Express LLC.

2004–2006 – Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Press and Mass-Media Relations, St. Petersburg Municipal Administration.

2006–2011 – Director of Restec Group Enterprises.

2011–2013 – Executive Director of ExpoForum CJSC.

Since 20 September 2013 – CEO of ExpoForum International.


Tel: +7 (812) 240-4040 ext. 2312

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