News in 2010


ExpoForum Supports the Development of Cultural Ties between Russia and France

On December 16 a spiritual music concert will take place in the St. Sophia Cathedral in Tsarskoe Selo as part of the Year of Russia and France 2010. ExpoForum JSC is the event’s sponsor.

The concert will include music by composers Chesnokov, Bortyansky, Rakhmaninov, Balakirev, and Tchaikovsky. Performers will include soloists from the Mariinsky Theatre, the Honored Artist of Russia, Tatyana Pavlovksky, and National Artist of Russia, Victor Chernomortsev. Others performers include the Fifth Style group, soloists from the Sirilik group, the St Isaac’s Choir; and others. French tenor, Pierre Amy will also perform, as well as Philippe Fremont from the Conservatory in Chartres.

The Year of Russia and France 2010 is held simultaneously in both countries and includes more than 350 events. The goal is to allow for a fuller understanding of France and Russia through many events and projects that are realized with participation from people in all spheres of life - politics, economics, culture, mass media, as well as the citizens of these countries.

Anatoly Erkulov, ExpoForum general director, believes that developing inter-cultural communications is one of the leading humanitarian tasks. ``Many international problems are due to the fact that countries poorly understand each other on all levels: political, business, and culture. That's why we decided to support this cultural initiative,’’ said Erkulov.

The Russian-French association, Dialogue 28 of the Air and Loire regions, was created to develop educational, cultural, and economic ties between Russia and France. In 2010, the association organized in France a competition of children’s drawings, ``France through my eyes,’’ as well as an exhibition of works by Tuman Zhumbaev. There was also a number of concerts with stars from the Mariinsky Theatre, the choir of St Isaac’s Cathedral, and other performing groups.


ExpoForum’s Hotels Will be Energy Efficient

ExpoForum JSC signed a contract with Imtech Russland OJSC for consulting services to design the mechanical engineering systems for the hotels to be built at the ExpoForum International Convention and Exhibition Centre close to Pulkovo Airport.


ICCA Accepted ExpoForum into its Ranks

The board of directors of the International Congress and Convention Association, ICCA, approved ExpoForum’s membership application.


ExpoForum Completed the Reconstruction Project Design of the Petersburg Highway

The project design for the first stage of the Petersburg Highway reconstruction, which ExpoForum paid and ordered in agreement with the St. Petersburg city government, has been completed and sent to the state expertise agency. Construction is set to begin in 2011, and will be completed in 2013 in time for the opening of the new convention and exhibition centre.


ExpoForum Finalized the Integrated Plan to Clear the Construction Site of Current Infrastructure

ExpoForum JSC finalized the integrated plan to clear the current infrastructure from the site of the future convention and exhibition centre so that it corresponds with the greater effort to improve the transport system in the area.


ExpoForum Is Negotiating with Potential Clients

ExpoForum participated at the EiBTM-2010 exhibition for the events industry, which took place in Barcelona from 29 November to 3 December.