News in 2010


ExpoForum has arrived on the European market

ExpoForum signed a contract with its European partners: JWC Consulting; and the marketing agency, Travel Marketing Factory (TMF), which will help develop ExpoForum's convention and exhibition center in St. Petersburg.

JWC consulted ExpoForum in 2009 during the phase of concept development for the convention and exhibition center. Now, the company will consult on the design stage that will last until the end of this year.

''The excellent experience of our German colleagues in designing congress and exhibition centres guarantees that our complex will meet the highest international standards,'' said ExpoForum's general director, Anatoly Erkulov. ''Many consultants will be working with us on various parts of the complex, but the convention and exhibition sector is the top priority because it is the core of the project.''

The contract with TMF, which is also based in Germany, is centered on promoting the new convention center on European markets, most particularly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Besides targeted work with potential European clients who might want to organize conventions and events at the future complex in St. Petersburg, TMF will provide public relations services with the European media.

``The work done by our German partner allows us to form a pool of potential European clients  who might want to hold their events at our complex,'' said Olga Shestakova, marketing director for ExpoForum. ``At the same time, we will work out a schedule for usage of the complex after it opens in 2013. Our main strategic goal is to attract leading European conventions and events to our city, which previously were not held here due to the lack of proper faciltiies.''

The contracts with both companies were signed at the IMEX 2010 trade fair, which took place in Frankfurt-on-the-Main from May 25 to 27. During this fair, the project of ExpoForum's new convention and exhibition center was presented to the international community for the first time. The reaction was very positive because many people understand that St. Petersburg is a unique and beautful city that is perfect for holding conventions and major business events.