News in 2010


St. Petersburg city government confirms transport design plans for area around new convention centre

Both the city government Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture, and the Committee for Roads and City Maintenance, approved transport design plans that will be realized in the framework of the project, ``Transport infrastructure for the Convention and Exhibition Centre and its vicinity.’’

The complex will be linked to the Petersburg Highway via an interchange in the area of the Pulkovka river. A second interchange on the Petersburg Highway is planned at the intersection with the rail link on the Shosseiny-Alexandrovsky Line. The approval of these plans will serve as the foundation for the further design and planning of the transport system around the ExpoForum ?onvention and Exhibition Centre.

For the record: ExpoForum is financing the design and planning of transportinfrastructure, that will occupy more than 500 hectares, around the future convention and exhibition complex. The city government agreed to complete the project by 2013, in time for the complex’s opening.