News in 2011


ExpoForum Held a Seminar on Paper Work in the Gas Distribution Sector

On Oct 11 – 12, ExpoForum JSC together with Gazprom Gas Distribution JSC and the ANT Educational Centre held a seminar titled, ``Documentation Management in the subsidiaries and companies of Gazprom Gas Distribution JSC.

The event was part of a programme of seminars this year for senior management and specialists in the gas distribution sector that was approved by the general director of Gazprom Gas Distribution JSC, Sergey Gustov. About 45 people from 42 gas distribution companies participated. This is already the third such event this year for the gas distribution sector which ExpoForum has organised.


ExpoForum Will Develop Infrastructure for the Marine Industry

On Oct 10, ExpoForum JSC was announced the winner of an auction held by the Nevsky-Ladozhsky water management company to have the right to make an agreement for usage of the area along the Galerny fairway.


ExpoForum Took Its Place on Top of the City

Today ExpoForum moved to its new office on the 14th floor of the Birzha office building on the 26th Line of the Vasilievsky Island. Employees will now have 1300 square meters of space with a panoramic view of the city centre and the Gulf of Finland.