News in 2011


ExpoForum supports the concert of the post-modernist duet, In-Temporalis

The new concert program of the St. Petersburg duo, In-Temporalis, which performs classical music into a modern interpretation, will be held May 18 at the Smolny Cathedral. This is also the group's start of a grand tour around Russia that will last until the spring of 2012.

During the press conference with Polina Fradkina (piano) and Yoel Gonzalez (percussion) the musicians talked about future projects. Conceptually, their work is a fusion of different styles, and they seamlessly merge the classic with Afro-Cuban, Brazilian and other ethnic rhythms. Mr Gonzalez has about 30 various percussion instruments, including obsolete ones, in his arsenal.

Ms Fradkina said that, ''music, including classical, should not be a museum piece,'' and thus they are constantly looking for new sounds and trying to rethink them in creative ways, yet preserving the essence of the original composer.

Mr Gonzalez thanked ExpoForum for supporting the concert and expressed his hope that the company will continue to be interested in his duo's work.


The First St. Petersburg Natural Gas Forum Opened

On May 31, 2011, St Petersburg’s Natural Gas Forum 2011 began working. ExpoForum, along with Gazprom Natural Gas Distribution, and FarExpo, are the organizers of this event. The Forum intends to unite natural gas industry experts from all over Russia. Exhibition and business programs will focus on the modernization of the industry, field development, production, transportation, processing, and the storage and distribution of gas.


The First Piles Will Soon Be Driven in the Foundation of the Convention and Exhibition Centre

ExpoForum JSC received permission from the St. Petersburg State Service for Construction Supervision and Expertise to drive the first piles in the foundation of the future international convention and exhibition centre.


In-Temporalis Begins its Russian Tour in St. Petersburg

On May 18 St. Petersburg's Smolny Cathedral concert hall was the scene of a concert by the duet, In-Temporalis. ExpoForum and the St. Petersburg Gas Forum sponsored the event. This marked the launch of In-Temporalis' tour of major Russian cities.


The commercial use of scientific innovations will be discussed at the Forum

The Fifth International Forum, ``From Science to Business: modern interaction between universities and the high-tech industry,’’ opened today in St. Petersburg. ExpoForum is one of the organizers.


ExpoForum Will Organize an Exhibition for Chinese Universities

In 2012, with support from the Chinese Educational Association for International Exchanges (CEAIE), ExpoForum will organize an exhibition for Chinese universities.