News in 2011


St. Petersburg Natural Gas Forum 2011 Has Closed

From May 31 to June 3 at the Lenexpo exhibition centre the first Petersburg natural gas forum was held with the support of Gazprom. The event coincided with the 200-year celebrations of Russia's natural gas industry, and it attracted the attention of a large number of specialists. Several thousand people from Russia, the CIS, and Europe attended the event. Among them were the CEOs of gas distribution companies, private investors, public authorities, as well as representatives from the sciences.

The official opening was attended by Gazprom deputy chairman, Valery Golubev; St. Petersburg deputy governor, Alexei Sergeyev; Gazprom Gas Distribution general director, Sergei Gustov; Expoforum general director, Anatoly Erkulov; and other officials.

Alexei Sergeyev, St. Petersburg deputy governor, gave the event high marks. "On behalf of the city government I’d like to thank Gazprom for the great idea to have this natural gas forum in St. Petersburg. I consider it essential that this is happening in our city. Natural gas comprises 98% of St. Petersburg's energy balance. The city is close to completing one hundred percent gasification of its buildings. In 2011, about 6500 suburban homes will be supplied with natural gas, and next year there will be another 6.4 thousand. With help from Gazprom this program will be completed two years ahead of schedule. I hope that the St. Petersburg natural gas forum will become a tradition, and will be a major summit for the gas industry that brings together the top Russian and world experts to St. Petersburg."

The forum’s business program included the VI Conference, "Improving the efficiency of business processes in the distribution and use of natural gas," and there was a meeting of Gazprom Gas Distribution’s scientific and technical council.

The exhibition, "Gas natural distribution in Russia," was unique because it was the first meeting of all gas distribution companies that are part of Gazprom Gas Distribution. 65 organizations had booths to demonstrate the latest technological advances in the gas distribution industry.

The exhibition, "Two centuries of Russian natural gas," was designed in the form of a gasholder, and it acquainted the public with interesting facts and figures from the history of the natural gas industry. The forum also featured Ros-Gas-Expo – 2011, a specialized exhibition of equipment for the natural gas industry and technology, and which featured more than 170 companies.

Expoforum JSC was the forum’s organizer, and it had the goal of creating a global event for gas industry professionals, and it succeeded. Gazprom deputy chairman, Valery Golubev, said in his speech, "We believe that the St. Petersburg Natural Gas Forum will be an annual event and will continue with the World Natural Gas Congress. Hopefully we will have the right to hold this event in St. Petersburg as early as 2018. Russia and its natural gas industry have every right to this! "

According to Anatoly Erkulov, Expoforum general director, we can confidently say that the first St. Petersburg Natural Gas Forum will serve as an impetus to the establishment of an annual international event that gathers the major players of the world's natural gas industry in the Northern Capital, and which will help them to make management decisions that contribute to the modernization of technological processes and to bring about innovative technologies.


A Metro Line Will Reach Pulkovo Airport

At a June 28 meeting, the St. Petersburg City Government approved plans to develop the city's underground transport system, including extending it to reach the Pulkovo airport. This will help resolve transportation issues for the new ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre that opens in 2013 near the airport.


ExpoForum Entered UFI

ExpoForum was accepted into the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) during a meeting of its Executive Board last week in Ghent.


ExpoForum Outlined Prospects for Cooperation with Asian Countries

In Bangkok and Beijing from June 12 to 18 ExpoForum representatives held a series of meetings devoted to generating business in Asia.


ExpoForum Participated in the Caixin Summit

ExpoForum representatives took part in the Caixin summit in St. Petersburg, organized by the Chinese media holding of the same name.


Investing in Convention Real Estate Requires the Development of Transport Systems

On June 20 ExpoForum representatives participated in a roundtable titled, "Investing in infrastructure for convention tourism, that was organised by the newspaper, Construction Weekly.


The XV International Economic Forum brought nearly 100 billion rubles to St. Petersburg

The city signed over 10 agreements with a total investment of more than 97 billion rubles. They will be invested in St. Petersburgs economy in the coming years. Governor Valentina Matvienko reported this at the XV International Economic Forum, when summing up its results.


The Design Project of the Convention and Exhibition Centre Will Be Reviewed by State Experts

Today, the design project for ExpoForums international convention and exhibition centre was sent to the State Expertise Centre. If a positive conclusion is given within 90 days then the company can obtain a permit, and begin construction.


Expoforum Shared its Experience with Russias Regions

On June 9, ExpoForum organized a business tour at the construction site of the international congress and exhibition centre. The tour was for participants of the conference, ``Managing a city as part of the state's innovation strategy, that was held in St. Petersburg on June 8-10.


By 2016 St. Petersburg will have up to 8 million tourists a year

On June 7, 2011 the city government adopted a programme to develop St. Petersburg as a tourist centre during the period of 2011-2016. The programme aims to improve tourisms effectiveness as a part of the urban economy, to develop new tourism activities, and also to improve St. Petersburgs attractiveness as a major international tourist destination.


The Exhibition Industry in St. Petersburg is in a Legal Vaccum

On June 1 the Committee for exhibition and fairs of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a meeting. The main topic was the need for new laws to regulate the exhibition industry; without them the industry will not grow in 2012, or it might even slide back to the level of several years ago.