News in 2011


ExpoForum Appoints an Executive Director

As of Sept 1, ExpoForum's executive director is Sergei Voronkov. This is a new position in the company.

Mr Voronkov's main task will be to manage the company's operations relating to organizing convention and exhibition events. Construction of the new convention centre will remain under the control of ExpoForum general director, Anatoly Erkulov. Before coming to ExpoForum, Mr Voronkov was general director of Events holding company, which is part of the Restec group.

According to Sergei Voronkov, his main goal will be to build the company's own portfolio of conventions and exhibitions; hitherto, ExpoForum has been viewed primarily as a developer of the convention centre. ExpoForum's first event was the St. Petersburg Gas Forum, which took place in May 2011. Another important task for the new executive director will be to attract guest events to the new convention venue which will be functioning in 2014.



Sergei Georgievich Voronkov was born on Sept 30, 1965 in the city of Orenburg. He graduated with a degree in electro-mechanics from the Orenburg Polytechnic Institute, and did his graduate studies in economics at the Moscow Institute of Youth. In 2009, he received his MBA from the St. Petersburg State University. Mr Voronkov began his career in 1986 as Committee Secretary in the Komsomol of the Orenburg Polytechnic Institute.

1990-1995, he was chairman of the Youth Committee in the city administration of Orenburg

1995-1998, he was head of the innovation department at the Committee for Family and Youth Affairs in the city administration of St. Petersburg

1998-2004, he worked at OOO Petersburg Express, as the commercial and development director

2004 – 2006, he was deputy chairman of the Committee for Mass Media in the city administration of St. Petersburg

2006 -2011, director of companies that belong to the Restec group.


Hilton Worldwide Announces Double Arrival into St. Petersburg at ExpoForum

Hilton St. Petersburg Expoforum And Hampton By Hilton St. Petersburg Expoforum to be Located at Russia’s Newest International Convention and Exhibition Arena


The first stone was laid in the foundation of the Church of the Smolensk Mother of God Icon

Today, a ceremony was held to lay the foundation stone of the Church of the Smolensk Mother of God Icon. The church will be reconstructed based on drawings and sketches made by the Italian architect Giacomo Quarenghi who built the original church in Greater Pulkovo village in the 18th century by order of Catherine II. The church, however, was destroyed during World War II.


ExpoForum Visited the Pacific Ocean Economic Congress

ExpoForum's general director, Anatoly Erkulov, and the head of the department for business development with Asia, Igor Pozdnyakov, participated in the Fifth Asia-Pacific Economic Convention in Vladivostok.