News in 2012


Legendary Aquarist Heiko Bleher a Big Hit among Participants and Visitors at Zoosphere 2012.

In his lecture, the world-famous hydrobiologist explained that some fish are able to survive without water.

He began his discourse with a story about his great-grandfather, who had said as long ago as 1887 that “an aquarium should be an exact copy of fish’s natural habitat.” At that time nobody took him seriously. However, biotopes have become popular across the world in the last 10 years.

“A biotope is an area of uniform natural conditions, ideal for the coexistence of various living organisms and plants”, Bleher explained. “It is a biological community.” This is why biotopic aquaria should precisely reproduce the conditions of the natural habitat of the fish. Bleher, who has conducted over 60 workshops in various countries this year alone, described his own experience in the construction of aquarium landscapes. For example, in two days he single-handedly built a composition of nine aquaria with a total volume of 10,000 litres, with each aquarium reproducing unique underwater landscapes from various parts of the world. The composition has already been displayed in Germany, Belgium, and Italy.

After a colourful presentation, the scientist told the audience how he had discovered the unique loricaria fish in the Iriri River in the Amazon basin. The fish lives in holes it has dug for itself and can survive without water for long periods. Moreover, it can build its own burrows out of stones for laying eggs. To prove this, Bleher displayed a photograph of a fish from whose mouth a 2 kg stone had been extracted.

The hydrobiologist and aquarist Heiko Bleher previously visited Zoosphere five years ago, and this year he remarked on how the event has changed and attained a higher profile.


Exhibition of creative work by Russian cadets opens at Suvorov Military School

Today saw the opening of an exhibition of creative work by pupils from military schools across Russia, organised by the Department of Education of the Russian Ministry of Defence.


Baltic Marine Festival to showcase Russian motor and sailing boats abroad

In 2013, the Baltic Marine Festival will double its presence at BOOT, the largest yachting industry exhibition in the world, which is being held in D?sseldorf from 1927 January.


ExpoForum to help cadets showcase their creativity

From 2527 October 2012, St Petersburg will host an exhibition of creative works by pupils from Russian Ministry of Defence secondary schools, in honour of the 70th anniversary of the Suvorov movement in Russia.


ExpoForum named Attractive Employer 2012 has paid tribute to the recruitment work of ExpoForum, the high level of interest it attracts from job seekers, and its competitive salaries.


ExpoForum International enters tourism market in St Petersburg and abroad

This new line of business is part of ExpoForums strategy for development.


All-inclusive corporate events to take place at Lenexpo

In the run-up to the New Year celebrations, leading players in the St. Petersburg events industry gathered together for a breakfast meeting to learn about the new package deal on corporate events at the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex.


Industry in the Limelight

ExpoForum has won the tender to run the ExpoPetersburg exhibition.


Bioindustry 2012 Exhibition Draws to a Close

At the closing ceremony, prizes were awarded to the winners of the Innovative Biotechnology Solutions contest.


Bioindustry 2012 and Innovative Biotechnologies in the Countries of the Eurasian Economic Community

Biotechnology is a foundation for the innovative development of the Russian economy. Such is the opinion of the speakers at the opening ceremony of Bioindustry 2012 and the Innovative Biotechnology in the Countries of the Eurasian Economic Community international scientific conference, which took place on 11 October at the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex.


Transtec to Move to New Convention and Exhibition Centre in 2014

On 4 October 2012 a presentation of the Neva 2013 and Transtec 2014 sea and transport congress and exhibition projects took place at Lenexpo as part of the Transtec 2012 International Exhibition and Conference for the Development of Ports and the Shipping Industry.


Twelfth Transtec International Exhibition and Conference Opens

From 2 to 4 October, Transtec 2012 will present the potential of Russias ports and its transport and logistics system on the international stage, as well as showcase the achievements of national science and industry. Experts in the field of river and sea navigation from Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and other countries will meet at the exhibition.