News in 2012


Exhibitors and Organisers Learn Effective Cooperation

On 20 February 2013 ExpoForum will launch a new project for exhibitors: special educational seminars which will help exhibition participants to intelligently prepare for events and assess their impact.

At the recent ExpoPetersburg exhibition and congress (29–30 November), a number of experts discussed the need for such an educational programme. Moreover, based on data from a survey conducted at the event by consulting company VectorExpo, 50% of exhibitors experience difficulties when cooperating with organisers, while 20% have difficulties increasing their own participation in the exhibition. Among exhibitors and operators, more than 50% of those surveyed consider the main reason for unsuccessful exhibition participation to be specifically an ineffective preparation process. Therefore, the seminars will help direct both sides’ efforts into one channel and optimise the communication process.

It is worth noting that both the exhibitors and the exhibition organisers believe that an important aspect of successful participation is not only vivid design and advantageous stand placement, but also qualified stand assistants and a rich interactive programme – workshops and presentations – provided by exhibitors. Around 30% of respondents in both groups spoke out for both options.

When responding to the question of what constitutes the main criterion for successful exhibition participation, the exhibitors and exhibit organisers were likewise in agreement. The majority of respondents – 53.4% and 51.8% respectively – considers this to be the number of signed agreements, followed by the number of acquired contacts and, finally, a large number of attendees.

Based on this expert data, the series of educational workshops will be directed toward increasing the activity of exhibition participants, who will be given examples of effective stand implementation, organisation of advertising at the exhibition, and drafting of agendas for stand visits by partners and potential clients. The meetings will be conducted by Nikolai Karasev, General Director of the ExpoEffect Exhibition Consulting Agency.


ExpoForum Enters Asian Markets

The company opens an office in the Pacific Rim


Innovations in business on show at Lenexpo exhibition

The Governor of St. Petersburg, Georgy Poltavchenko, told the 10th Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Forum that the city would support businesses that produced high-tech goods and created ultra-modern jobs with decent salaries.


Youth Wave Sweeps Lenexpo

Young entrepreneurs, artists, volunteers, athletes, and academics met at this major youth forum.


Platform for Effective Communication

The new-format ExpoPetersburg exhibition and convention was a resounding success: participants expressed their appreciation for the project, which enabled them to communicate in a common language, and without intermediaries.


Russian exposition opens at international exhibition in Indonesia

On 5 December, the Russian exposition at the international exhibition of production equipment and materials, Manufacturing Indonesia, was officially opened at the Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran.


Clustering as a Development Tool for Small Business

On 12 December 2012, a roundtable on the subject of New Opportunities for Developing Small Business Through Clustering. Co-operation in Manufacturing, will be held at the Lenexpo exhibition complex (pavilion 7, hall 7.2), as part of the Forum for Small and Medium Enterprises.


International cooperation takes centre stage

Representatives of industry, higher education, and research institutions are to meet at Lenexpo Exhibition Complex to discuss cross-border partnership opportunities with EU countries.


Contractors networking platform for small businesses

A subcontractors networking platform has been organised for the first time as part of the X Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Forum.