News in 2012


Representatives of St.Petersburg diplomatic corps and international companies have visited ExpoForum

On February 17, a meeting was held with participation of managment of ExpoForum JSC, representatives of diplomatic corps of Saint-Petersburg and commercial representative offices. This was the closing meeting for series of annual events for the company's partners held in business lunch format. This tradition was established in February of 2012.

For a few days in February, representatives of public authorities, business structures, various associations and other organisations attended the meeting with the company's management, in order to discuss informally the main trends in the convention and exhibition market in Saint-Petersburg.

The meeting held on February 17 was attended by consulates and heads of commercial representatives of international companies. Executive director of ExpoForum JSC Sergey Vononkov informed participants about company development strategy under slogan 'Convention and exhibition business: today and tomorrow. Expomobile for Saint-Petersburg'. He called two-way traffic creation of two international departments of ExpoForum company – Department of international promotion and sales, aimed at attraction of foreign partners to Russia, and Department of international events, aimed at organisation of participation of Russian companies in international projects.  

It was generally agreed that format of the meeting was interesting and peculiar. It was noted by a lot of guests that it was very important to learn all the news about the company from personal meeting with its management, rather than from mass media.

Director of Trade Exchange Department of the Embassy of the Italian Republic at the Consulate General of Italian Republic in Saint-Petersburg Mr. Carlo Ferrari told about positive experience of holding Italian and Russian forum at Lenexpo in 2009 and expressed confidence that the new team shall be so successful as well.

The counselor of Honorary consul of the Republic of Slovenia in Saint-Petersburg Mr. Igor Timoshkov wished successful development of international cooperation, noting that “word "forum” in Dal’s glossary can be found only in singular form”, and, therefore, place for handling them should be single as well.

Consulate General of Japan Mr. Ichiro Kavabata asked the question about necessary development of transport and hotel infrastructure. Sergey Voronkov told about the road expansion works near the convention and exhibition complex ExpoForum being under construction and about the plans for building new underground station, as well as about common project with international hotel operator Hilton. Mr. Kavabato noted that “exhibition business is mild politics, which reflects relations between countries and different economic structures".

Head of department of trade support department at Consulate General of Poland Mr. Khenrykh Bushta expressed confidence about perspectives of productive cooperation with ExpoForum – both with regard to representative offices of Polish companies in Saint-Petersburg, and with regard to promotion of Russian companies in Poland.

Consulate General of the USA Mr. Bruice Turner also wished successful development and remembered a proverb, which is rather popular in America: ‘Create occasion and conditions, and will be money'.

Head of Commercial representative office of Korea “KOTRA” Mr. Kim Song Su was pleasantly surprised that Sergey Voronkov congratulated him with 50th anniversary since the establishment of representative office and gave him a warm plaid as a present – wishing to sustain adverse climatic conditions in Russia.


ExpoForum has been thanked for helping children

The churchmen of the Russian Orthodox Church and the administration of the Childrens City Hospital sent letters of appreciation to JSC ExpoForum for the beneficent assistance rendered by the company in the early 2012.


The Childhood Planet: less than a week is left to open the exhibition

The Childhood Planet XI international exhibition will be opened on the 29th day of February in Lenexpo. The exhibition will represent the entire range of educational programs, goods and services for children from birth till full age. The exhibition complex will be transformed simultaneously into a huge colorful playground, supermarket with various goods and a forum of the leading childrens specialists for four days. The exhibition organiser is JSC ExpoForum


Executive management of ExpoForum and authorities discussed the convention and exhibition market

On February 15, managing directors of ExpoForum JSC have held meeting with the city public authorities at Lenexpo, in order to discuss informally the future perspectives of development of convention and exhibition market in the city. The second event held for partners of ExpoForum JSC in business lunch format collected representatives of legislative and executive public authorities of St.Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, as well as heads of business associations and communities.


ExpoForum represents new tradition of business lunches for partners

ExpoForum JSC starts a series of annual events for the companys partners in business lunch format. For a few days in February, public authorities, representatives of business structures and various associations shall attend the meeting with the companys management, in order to discuss trends in the convention and exhibition market and the strategy of its development. The meetings will take place at Lenexpo.


ExpoForum and Ministry of Agriculture of Russia will jointly hold four exhibitions in 2012

Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Elena Skrynnik signed a Decree on Fairs and Exhibitions held by Ministry of Agriculture of Russia in 2012. In compliance with the document dated February, 3, Ministry of Agriculture of Russia jointly with ExpoForum JSC acts as a co-organizer of the Fair "Agrorus, as well as it provides support to three other exhibitions of the company: Hipposphere, Zoosphere and Bioindustry.


Two exhibitions of ExpoForum are immediately awarded the status UFI Approved Event

At the last assembly of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) which took place from the 1st to the 3rd of February in Istanbul, two exhibitions of ExpoForum JS were assigned the status of UFI Approved Event. The recipients were the Baltic Marine Festival, and The Russian Industrialist.


The Forum, Ecology of Big City, combines Government, Business, and Science

On the 9th of February at the St. Petersburg mediacentre RIA News was held a press conference dedicated to the XII International Forum, Ecology of Big City, which will take place in Lenexpo from the 20th to the 23rd of March, 2012.


The Day of St. Petersburg passed with success at the exhibition Christmas World 2012 in Frankfurt

At the end of January, as a part of the delegation of St. Petersburg, ExpoForum JSC visited the exhibition Christmas World 2012 in Frankfurt. As the result of the trip, well-known European companies were able to acquaint themselves with the principles of the holiday decoration of St. Petersburg, and expressed the wish to participate in the forum, Festive decoration and city advertising, which will be held at Lenexpo in April 2012.


Prospects for Russia's largest real estate exhibition, the Real Estate Fair, discussed in Lenexpo

On the 3rd of February at Lenexpo a business meeting was held, attended by the leaders of ExpoForum JSC, organisers of The Real Estate Fair, partners of the company, and members of the press. The main topic of discussion was the relocation of the largest Russian real estate exhibition to the Lenexpo exhibition complex, and the prospects of the project associated with this event.


Government of the Russian Federation included Ecology of Big City in the list of priorities

On January 24th, the Ministry of science and education of the Russian Federation issued a decree on the organisation of work on information and exhibition activities in the year 2012. According to the order, the XII International Forum "Ecology of Big City", the organiser of which by the end of 2011 became ExpoForum JSC, is included in the list of priority activities that are supported by the Ministry.


ExpoForum sponsored UFI Global CEO Forum in Istanbul

From the 1st to the 3rd of February, 2012, in Istanbul passed the UFI Global CEO Forum - a forum of the world's largest companies in the convention and exhibition industry and representatives of government organs, all coordinating convention and exhibition activities in different countries of the world. Broad support for the event was rendered by ExpoForum JSC.


Partnership of ExpoForum and the countries of Asia is stepping onto a higher level

Development of international projects and the attraction of the convention and exhibition market of St. Petersburg to major international organisers is one of the priority directions in the activities of ExpoForum JSC. In January 2012, there have been several events that not only were the impetus for cooperation between companies and countries of Asia, but also in the future could play an important role in fostering cultural and business ties between states.