News in 2012



An interactive display entitled ‘St Petersburg – Marine Capital of Russia’, commissioned by the Government of St Petersburg and organised by ExpoForum, was featured at the EXPO-2012 World Specialized Exhibition in the South Korean city of Yeosu.

EXPO-2012 was held from 12 May to 12 August and included 106 displays by the participating countries and 10 by international organisations. This year’s main topic was ‘The Ocean and the Coastal Area: Diversity of Resources and their Rational Use’. The Russian display was one of the largest and most interactive, and the St Petersburg presentation attracted the attention of both Korean organisations and delegates of the participating countries.

The Russian delegation included representatives of the Government of St Petersburg, headed by Dmitry Golubev, Chairman of the Committee on Natural Resources, Environmental Protection, and Ecological Safety, as well as members of the St Petersburg Chamber of Commerce, headed by Vladimir Garyugin, Chief of the St Petersburg Metro.

The welcoming speech from the Korean side was made by Pak Chong Soo, Chairman of the Korean Association in St Petersburg, who drew attention to the positive shared history between the ‘Venice of the North’ and Yeosu: “In 1854, the Russian frigate ‘Pallada’ was your country’s first vessel to arrive in Korea. Yeosu was where Russians first set foot on Korean soil. 1896 was marked by the visit of Emperor Gojong to St Petersburg. We can therefore say that the history of relations between our cities goes back more than 100 years.”

According to Dmitry Golubev, the Russian presentation was one of the most prominent at the exhibition. This was evidenced by the increased public interest in the Russian pavilion, which featured projects and technologies aimed at promoting the protection of the environment. An example of the development of such projects was the large port city of St Petersburg. “Our city is spending approximately 15% of its annual budget to address issues related to environmental protection. In our presentation we wished to showcase St Petersburg’s potential in environmental management,” Mr Golubev remarked.

ExpoForum prepared not only the St Petersburg presentation, but also a commercial and cultural programme, brochures about the companies, and apps for iOS and Android in Russian, Korean, and English, so that all who were interested could download materials on their mobile devices.


Scientific and Educational Institutions to Participate in Bioindustry 2012 at a Reduced Rate

Participation expenses to be partially paid by expo organisers.


Agrorus 2012 Exhibition and Trade Fair Organising Committee Meets at Russian Agricultural Ministry

On 18 July, the Russian Ministry of Agriculture hosted a meeting of the Organizing Committee of the Agrorus 2012 Exhibition and Trade Fair.