News in 2013


Neva 2013 Exhibition Receives Government and Industry Support

The Neva International Exhibition and Conference, which will take place from 24-27 September 2013 at the Lenexpo Exhibition Centre, has been included in the list of events under the auspices of the Marine Board of the Government of the Russian Federation.

The significance of this project for the industry has also been highlighted by representatives of the St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region Association of Shipbuilders. The idea of holding the Neva event every other year, in odd-numbered years, was approved at a meeting of the Association, attended by 40 companies. This was supported by the Marine Board of the Government of St. Petersburg, the Krylov Scientific and Technical Society of Shipbuilders, and representatives of official city government committees.

One of the prestigious organizations supporting the exhibition is the Association for Development of Sea Rescue, Safety and Diving Equipment and Technologies, which proposed for 2013 increased focus on ‘Water Search and Rescue Resources and Manpower, and Rescue, Sunken Vessel, Diving and Deep Water Technology’. Due to the importance of search and rescue on bodies of water, the themes considered essential for inclusion by specialists include deep water equipment, medical assistance during deep water and diving work, recovery methods for deep water specialists and divers, ways and means of medical and physiological training, and ways and means of providing medical assistance to ships in distress.

The following organizations have already announced their support for NEVA-2013: The Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Department of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Department for Navigation and Oceanography of the Russian Ministry of Defence, The United Shipbuilding Corporation, the Union of Russian Ship Owners, the Association of Sea Commercial Ports, the Russian Association of Oil and Gas Equipment Producers, the Welding Alliance of St. Petersburg and North-West Russia, the German Machine Builders Association (VDMA), the German Shipbuilding and Ocean Industries Association (VSM), the Ship and Yacht Exporters Association of Turkey, Holland Marine Equipment Association, and the International Association of Ports and Harbours (IAPH).


Global Exhibition Industry Leaders Have Eyes on St. Petersburg

In 2014, more than 200 exhibition industry leaders from over 30 countries will meet in St. Petersburg for the UFIs summer training seminars.


State Expert Review Board approves first phase of reconstruction of Peterburgskoye Highway

The State Expert Review Board (Gosexpertiza) has approved the first phase of the reconstruction project for Peterburgskoye Highway, close to the new ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre.


ExpoForum expands exhibition work in partnership with SCO BC

Plans to host an exhibition entitled Foodstuffs: the SCO Brand in St. Petersburg have been added to the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Business Councils (SCO BC) programme of events for September 2013. This decision was taken during an SCO BC Secretariat session in Beijing, following a presentation by leading Russian exhibition organiser ExpoForum. The company will organise the event under the aegis of the SCO BC.


Chinese companies to attend exhibitions in St. Petersburg

A series of business meetings organised by ExpoForum in China between 1721 January have resulted in a number of agreements designed to encourage Chinese companies to participate in Russian exhibitions.


ExpoForum celebrates its fifth anniversary

ExpoForum has very quickly become the largest exhibition organiser in the region with a 42% market share, the operator of the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex, and the developer for the construction of the new ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre.


ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre is attracting major new projects to St. Petersburg

ExpoForums new facility is attracting major new projects to St. Petersburg, according to Managing Director of Reed Exhibitions Russian representative office Gregory Zaraisky, at the signing of an agreement finalising the terms for organising and running the PAP-FOR Russia exhibition at a new venue the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre.


An Inscribed Brick in a Church Wall

An Inscribed Brick in a Church Wall is the name of a campaign organised by the Foundation for the Restoration of Christian Cultural Monuments, of which ExpoForum is one of the founders.