News in 2013


Leading exhibition operators are planning to remove from Lenexpo to ExpoForum

On the 26th of February, a number of issues were discussed at a meeting of St Petersburgs leading exhibition operators. These included matters concerning transport access to the new ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre, how to divide pavilions into zones for small-scale events, and rental policy.

The construction of a new metro station at Pulkovo Airport, close to the new convention and exhibition centre, is one of the items in the Metro Development Strategy for the period to 2025. This was told by Sergei Voronkov, Executive Director of ExpoForum, to his partners during a business lunch. He also pointed out the need for the exhibition community to join forces to lobby for an earlier opening date for the station. In addition, the joint promotion of the new complex among exhibition participants and visitors was discussed.

The heads of leading companies on the regional exhibition market, including Restek, Primexpo, and FarExpo, expressed their willingness to contribute directly to this, in return for a more loyal pricing policy from the new convention centre’s top management. In response, Sergei Voronkov stated: “Given the current market situation, we can propose long-term, fixed-price business contracts to facilitate the move to the new venue. We will maintain the fixed-price policy by reducing the cost price of services, and the company guarantees to keep the same prices in 2014.”


A new boost for scientific development in St Petersburg

St Petersburg has the chance to become a major centre for scientific conventions.


Success by numbers

Representatives from more than 120 companies took part in the first in a number of seminars offering a unique training programme for exhibitors. Participants were provided with practical recommendations for all stages in the exhibition process: from planning budgets to processing new contacts.


Agrorus is expanding

In 2013, the Agrorus International Agricultural Exhibition and Trade Fair will be held in two stages. As well as the traditional end-of-summer event, part of the programme will be dedicated to rural cooperatives from all Russias regions.


Getting the most out of exhibitions

On 20 February a seminar will be held at the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex entitled Increasing the Effectiveness of Exhibition Participation. This is the first event in an educational programme for exhibitors developed by ExpoForum, which aims to help participants prepare for exhibitions effectively.


Lenexpo on film

A public service advertisement is to be filmed at the Festive Decoration. Advertising and Information Forum.


JUNWEX to shine brighter than before

The transfer of the major international jewellery forum JUNWEX St Petersburg to the new ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre in 2015 is a hot topic amongst exhibitors and visitors alike.


A specialized exhibition space for a growing industry

For the first time ever in St. Petersburg, the City and Flowers International Forum for the Landscape Industry, Floristry, Plants, and Technologies will take place on 2326 March, with the support of the St. Petersburg Government.


ExpoForumsFirst Appearance at Middle East Electricity

Energetika and Elektrotechnika, a key event in the Russian and CIS calendar, will be publicised during the 38th Middle East Electricity Conference in Dubai from February 1719.


Grown-up problems at Childhood Planet exhibition

The issue of child health will be a key theme of the business programme at the Childhood Planet exhibition, which is taking place in St. Petersburg on 2831 March.