News in 2013


New tasks set for farming cooperative movement

The foundations of a new model for the domestic food market were laid on 21Ц22 March at the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex during the first Russian National Farming Cooperative Congress, which was attended by 904 delegates and 162 guests from 80 Russian regions.

As a result of close cooperation between the session’s participants, a developmental model for farming cooperation until 2020 and a resolution were adopted. These will be the basis for an official target programme aimed at supporting all types of cooperative associations in the Russian regions. The majority of the delegates expressed agreement with the idea that coordinated efforts from the government and cooperative associations would further the best traditions of Russian farming cooperatives, and provide a new impetus for the development of the agricultural industry.

The ‘Agrorus – Regions’ national agricultural exhibition featured stands from 40 different regions of Russia, the largest of which were those representing Tatarstan, Mordovia, Bashkortostan, Chuvashia, Rostov Region, Leningrad Region, Ulyanov Region, Penza Region, Lipetsk Region, Smolensk Region, and Krasnodar District. The exhibits on show demonstrated the innovative technology and extensive experience that farmers’ cooperatives have at their disposal


Demographic situation in St. Petersburg improving

On 28 March, Galina Kolosova, Vice-Chair of the St. Petersburg Social Policy Committee, announced at the opening of the Childhood Planet 2013 exhibition of goods and services for children and families that the demographic situation in St. Petersburg was changing for the better.


The future of the older generation

Specialists in the social and medical fields, well-known academics, politicians, company leaders, and representatives of voluntary organisations met at the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex to discuss the issues facing the older generation.


Environmental legislation arouses interest among specialists

Cutting-edge equipment and services used to address environmental protection tasks and ensure ecological safety were presented at an exposition covering more than 6,000 square metres as part of the XIII Ecology of the Big City international forum. The importance of the event in the industry was confirmed by the attendance of 2,500 specialists.


Minister of Agriculture pays tribute to УhistoricФ Russian National Farming Cooperative Congress

On 22 March the СAgrorus Ц RegionsТ national agricultural exhibition and the first Russian National Farming Cooperative Congress opened in St Petersburg.


Energy industry experts to convene in St. Petersburg

The Russian International Energy Forum will serve as the venue for the signing of major industry contracts, boosting innovation in the energy sector.


Childhood Planet to become planet of creativity

The far-reaching educational and entertainment programme of the Childhood Planet exhibition will be augmented this year by new events aimed at developing creativity among children and teens.


Energetika & Elektrotechnika 2013 attracts new exhibitors from abroad

The 2013 Energetika & Elektrotechnika exhibition will, for the first time, feature a number of international companies, including Kon?ar (Croatia), StarPower (Italy), Sahra Kablo (Turkey), Doha Cables (Qatar), and Pentair (Germany).