News in 2014


St. Petersburg celebrates Chinese Spring Festival

The Chinese Spring Festival will be the first event to be held at the new Russian-Chinese Business Centre. The festival will be inspired by the Lantern Festival that marks the end of the New Year celebration in China.



In St. Petersburg today, small and medium-sized businesses are some of the most important contributors to the economy, accounting for about 30% of all payments into the citys coffers.


A new chapter in the history of Zoosphere

Experts from 19 countries around the globe gathered today at the Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre to showcase their goods and services for pets at the 12,000 square metre venue.


Economic development shifts east

Experts estimate that by 2020, the trade turnover between Russia and China will reach USD 200 billion.


French Impressionist paintings come to life in St. Petersburg

Locals and visitors to the city on the Neva will be the first in the world to see multimedia versions of paintings by the great Impressionists as part of the exhibition Monet to Cézanne The French Impressionists at Lenexpo Exhibition Complex.


A bridge for business between Russia and China

More than 1,500 companies, including such leaders in their market sectors as Yulmart, Sportmaster, Centro, Lamoda, and X5 Retail Group, are to attend the 4th RussiaChina forum, Business with China, with a view to strengthening and developing international relationships.


Real Estate Fair celebrates new home

On 7 November, the 29th International Real Estate Trade Fair opened at the Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre, and was attended by over 350 players from the St Petersburg and Leningrad Region real estate market.


Juvenile whitefish released into harbour

Around 10,000 juvenile Baltic whitefish have been released into the Gulf of Finland as part of a series of remedial measures being taken to counteract the damage caused to aquatic bioresources and their environment.


Expoforum helps create heroes

At the St Petersburg Suvorov Military School, an institution run by the Russian Ministry of Defence, the festival and competition The Heroic Journey: Making Dreams Come True has opened. ExpoForum International helped to organise the event.


Promoting paper at ExpoForum

On 28 October, PAP-FOR 2014, the largest pulp and paper exhibition in Eastern Europe, opened at the new ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre, with new products, innovative ideas and modern technology presented by more than 260 companies from 26 countries.


St. Petersburg honours navy sailors

As part of its charitable activities, ExpoForum International recently helped to organise a concert in honour of the 318th anniversary of the founding of the Russian Navy and the Day of the Ships Captain.


Expoforum: a venue for promoting the healthcare industry

As part of Russia's Concept for the Development of Healthcare until 2020, budget funding in 2015 will triple.


APID celebrates 20 years of creativity

The specialist Advertising. Publicity. Information. Design (APID) exhibition, which opened at the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre on 15 October, is an effective communications platform for representatives of the advertising industry, helping to develop business.


Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre opens in St. Petersburg

The construction of Expoforum demonstrates that Russia is open and receptive to international communication, collaboration, and the exchange of best practice.


Expoforum brings together leading forces in gas sector

The 4th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum one of the most important industry-specific events in Russia has kicked off with the Blue Corridor Natural Gas Vehicle Rally, in which a convoy of factory-supplied vehicles running on natural gas follow a route of some 3,000 kilometres across 15 countries.


Innovation for Industry

St Petersburg is one of Russias largest industrial centres, accounting for more than 8% of the countrys total output.


Lenexpo to host import substitution centre

The import substitution centre will spearhead a strategy to rapidly increase domestic output and reduce dependence on imports.


For the safety of life

On 25 September, a special exhibition opened at Lenexpo as part of the 5th Road Safety for the Safety of Life international congress. Over 80 Russian and international companies presented cutting edge developments in the field of road safety.


Lenexpo home of professionals

Around 350 students from 55 vocational educational institutions assembled in a venue measuring over 10,000 square metres to demonstrate their knowledge in the subjects that will form the basis of their chosen careers.


Choose Sport! St Petersburgs schoolchildren try out new activities

At Choose Sport! a Russia-wide community event held at the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex participants took part in over 90 different sports, 13 of which were introduced for the first time.


Agricultural industry representatives converge at Lenexpo

The Agrorus exhibition and trade fair, opening today at Lenexpo, has for more than 20 years been the largest arena for the discussion of issues affecting Russias agricultural sector. The event is also notable for the number of contracts signed, stimulating a flow of capital into the industry.


Maritime community supports NEVA

Supporting and developing the NEVA exhibitions are important functions of the Association of Shipbuilders and the Maritime Council of the Government of St Petersburg.


St.Petersburg a candidate to host World Energy Congress

From 16 to 19 July the inspection commission for the World Energy Council (WEC) came to Russia to assess the countrys bid to host the 24th World Energy Congress as well as the annual WEC Executive Assembly in St Petersburg in 2019.


Convention and Exhibition Bureau to open in St Petersburg

Acting Governor of St.Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko has signed a directive on the establishment of a state-assisted Convention and Exhibition Bureau, which will help to attract major convention and exhibition events to the city.



On 4 July a ceremony took place at the site of the new ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre in which new crosses were consecrated and affixed to the cupolas of the Church of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God.


The amazing world of dinosaurs

The famous Days of the Dinosaur interactive exhibition has opened at Lenexpo, with over 50 full-size models of prehistoric creatures on display to the public.


International Cooperation a Top Priority for Ministry of Transport at TRANSTEC 2014

On 19th June 2014 Viktor Olersky, Deputy Minister of Transport, addressed the global Ports and Shipping community with a warm welcome to TRANSTEC 2014, citing the event as a key international B2B forum to ensure the success of the Ministrys Strategy for the Development of Sea Port Infrastructure of Russia Until 2030.


UFI appoints its first Russian president

Sergey Alexeev, Vice President of ExpoForum International and President of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF), has been appointed President of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) for the period 2015 to 2016, at the UFI 2014 Open Seminar, which began at Lenexpo on 30 June.


A Russian-German expo-alliance

A general agreement was signed on 30 June 2014 regarding the expansion of cooperation between the leading exhibition companies in Germany and Russia, Messe Frankfurt RUS and ExpoForum International.


Welding: driving the Russian economy

In the 40 years since it was first held, the Svarka/Welding exhibition has grown considerably and made a great contribution to the growth of St Petersburgs economy.


Russian energy: from theory to practice

The Russian International Energy Forum opens up new opportunities for international cooperation in the fields of energy security and efficiency.


Partnership: developing Russian industry

Contracts worth a combined total of more than RUB 700 million were agreed by companies which sent representatives to the Russian Industrialist forum and the exhibitors who presented their goods and services at the event.


ExpoForum: a strategy for regional development

The important role played by conventions and exhibitions in helping to develop skills and encourage innovative industrial growth in the regions was the main focus of a presentation by ExpoForum International at the 8th International Forum of the Exhibition Industry, 5pEXPO-2014, held from 46 June in Moscow.


Yachts moor at Lenexpo marina

Over the last five years, the number of small vessels in St Petersburg has increased by 50% and now totals more than 51,000.


ExpoForum represented in Germany

The opportunities offered by the new ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre were presented at the international exhibition IMEX, which was held on 2022 May in Frankfurt am Main.


The value of confidence in a world undergoing transformation

On 22 May, Lenexpo Exhibition Complex opened its doors to the St Petersburg International Economic Forum. Around 6,500 participants from 72 countries have come together for the event, including the heads of 146 major international companies and 450 leading Russian firms.


The future of St Petersburgs tourism industry

The social and economic development strategy for St Petersburg for the period to 2030, approved yesterday by the citys government, envisages increasing tourist numbers by 70% to 10 million a year, through further development of the tourism industry.


Victory Day: remember and be proud!

ExpoForum International staff took part in the solemn laying of wreaths to mark the 69th anniversary of victory in the Second World War.



Today, there are over 1,100 horses and more than a dozen specialised companies and equestrian clubs registered in St Petersburg.


ExpoForum hosts film industry

The new convention and exhibition centre may not be due to open until October, but ExpoForum is fast gaining a reputation as a venue for significant events, and is now playing a role in the making of a feature film about a country in which the past, the present and the future have come together in endlessly paradoxical ways.


State subsidies to boost production of childrens goods

In 2014 the Russian government approved the Procedure for the Provision of Subsidies to Russian Organisations in Support of Comprehensive Investment Projects in the Childrens Goods Sector.


Investing in the countrys gold reserves

The best step towards solving the issue of an ageing population is investing in the quality of life of its senior citizens.



On 9 April 2014 the Strategic Agreement for TRANSTEC International Conferences and Exhibitions was signed to continue the promotion of the development of Russian Ports and Shipping through 2018. TRANSTEC will be held in cooperation with the NEVA Exhibitions in accordance with the Decree of the Russian Federation Government 1910-R signed 21 October 2013.


Agrorus tackles strategic issues

Today, Russias food security is largely dependent on agricultural cooperatives.


Solids Russia 2015 a first for Russias exhibition sector

The European exhibition operator easyFairs is set to launch a new international project in St. Petersburg: Solids Russia 2015, which focuses on technologies used in the processing, storage and transportation of bulk materials.



In 2015, the Ecology of the Big City and Baltic Sea Day forums will join forces and be held together at the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Preserving the ecology of the urban environment: a shared objective

Ensuring a safe environment for people to live in is one of the priorities of Russian government policy.


ExpoForum at Russian Meetings Industry Forum

More than 1,800 participants from 198 countries and regions presented new destinations and tourism products at the Moscow International Travel & Tourism Exhibition (MITT).


Anniversary dialogue on housing and utilities issues

For 10 years, the Housing and Utilities in Russia event has been a key platform for the resolution of the industrys problems. This year, specialists will focus on developing a programme for the major refurbishment of apartment blocks.


Multimedia journey into history

More than 150,000 St Petersburg residents visited the exhibition Orthodox Russia. The Romanovs. My History, held in St Petersburg from 16 February to 4 March.


Increased investment opens up new horizons

In 2014, state investment in tourism has doubled in comparison with last year.


Collaboration paving the way to growth

The close cooperation between exhibition organisers and participants in preparing for industry events testifies to a new focus on quality.


ExpoForum gets a new look

From 1 March 2014, the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre and ExpoForum International will be changing their visual style.


Consolidation as an effective form of development

Integration of exhibition organisers and industry exhibitions under one unified exhibition brand is conducive to the development of St. Petersburgs convention and exhibition market.


Exhibition organisers await ExpoForum opening

Messe Düsseldorf, the world's largest organiser of specialised international exhibitions, has expressed confidence in the success of the events the company is planning to hold at the new ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre.


A journey into a wedding

The high quality of wedding ceremonies organised in Cyprus is evidenced by their popularity amongst Russian couples.


Gleaming gemstones light up St Petersburg

More than 600 jewellery companies from 27 countries presented their latest jewellery designs at the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex.


Consolidation as the key to success

On 24 January, an agreement was signed between ExpoForum International and RESTEC concerning the terms for organising and holding exhibitions at the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre in 20142018.


RussiaAsia: Sharing Experience

Last year alone, more than 10 million business travellers visited Singapore, bringing this city-state into the leading position among Asian countries in terms of business events.


TRANSTEC reaches new heights

TRANSTEC 2014 is the only St Petersburg exhibition that has been included in the Russian Government Marine Boards plan for 2014, and will be held under the boards auspices.


Audit confirms success of energy exhibition

In 2013, the total value of the contracts concluded by visitors to the Energetika and Elektrotechnika exhibition grew by 20%.


Exhibitions need more space

In 2013, the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex hosted about 100 different events, covering a record 480,000 square metres of floor space, 160,000 square metres more than in the previous year.