Press releases

01-12-2014 Zoosphere: rapid growth and huge potential 
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20-10-2014 APID: prospects for the outdoor advertising market
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13-10-2014 Gas Forum: Focus on natural resources 

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01-09-2014 Agrorus: a meeting place for the agricultural community
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03-07-2014 UFI Open Seminar 2014: the future belongs to innovation
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30-06-2014 In search of innovation: Svarka/Welding 2014
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23-06-2014 Future of Russian energy industry discussed at Lenexpo
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02-06-2014 Marine festival docks at Lenexpo
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05-05-2014 Domestic horse breeding trends discussed at Lenexpo Exhibition Complex
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28-04-2014 Childhood Planet – the most important planet in the solar system
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27-04-2014 Problems faced by elderly discussed in St.Petersburg

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24-03-2014 The housing and utilities sector – a space for partnership
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24-03-2014 Environmental problems in cities under discussion in St Petersburg
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11-02-2014 ExpoForum: towards new possibilities
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19-12-2013 Russian exhibitions to lead country’s economy to new heights 

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30-10-2013 Future of car industry discussed in St Petersburg
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24-10-2013 An international perspective on the health industry
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10-10-2013 Manufacturing and human resource potential of Russian industry
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02-09-2013 Agrorus demonstrates achievements of Russian agriculture
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07-06-2013 SportAccord Convention 2013 draws record attendance
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05-06-2013 Baltic Marine Festival: a celebration of sport and active lifestyles
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27-05-2013 Lenexpo hosts leading landscape design forum
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22-05-2013 St. Petersburg International Gas Forum: cutting-edge achievements and prospects for growth
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07-05-2013 Future of Russian horse breeding discussed at Hipposphere 2013
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23-04-2013 Energetika & Elektrotechnika and the Russian International Energy Forum: focusing on business cooperation
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04-04-2013 Government and business to support  the older generation: post release
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04-04-2013 Childhood planet reaches for the stars: post release
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25-03-2013 New challenges for farming cooperative movement: post release
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23-03-2013 The results of Ecology of the Big City international forum. Post release
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20-03-2013 Russian Energy Forum
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25-02-2013 The double anniversary. Lenexpo and ExpoForum: 45 and 5 years of business
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24-10-2012 PAP-FOR RUSSIA-2014 to be held at the new ExpoForum convention and exhibition centre
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18-10-2012 All-inclusive corporate events to take place at Lenexpo
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18-10-2012 Bioindustry 2012 International Conference and Exhibition Draws Specialists to St Petersburg
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17-10-2012 Zoosphere 2012 International Exhibition of Goods and Services for Pets Draws to a Close
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04-09-2012 XVI ‘Russian Industrialist’ International Forum to Unveil New Business Programme Events
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24-08-2012 Presentation on NEVA 2013 and TRANSTEC 2014 Exhibitions
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14-08-2012 XXI International Agricultural Exhibition Agrorus
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23-07-2012 LenExpo exhibition complex to host 2013 SportAccord convention 
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22-06-2012 One of the world's largest exhibition and congress organisers, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, comes to St. Petersburg
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21-06-2012 Arabia-Expo to be held in St.Petersburg for the first time
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4-06-2012 Exposition of Baltic Marine Festival has grown up to 25%
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29-05-2012 Baltic Marine Festival
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25-05-2012 XV International SVARKA/WELDING-2012 exhibition was visited by more than 4000 thousand experts
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15-05-2012 XIX International Exhibition Energetika&Elektrotechnika press release
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14-05-2012 The results of XIV Saint Petersburg International Equestiran Exhibition Hipposphere
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11-05-2012 Gazprom has become a strategic partner of the Kinoexpo forum and exhibition
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03-05-2012 VII Saint Petersburg International Book Salon sums up the results post release
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24-04-2012 XV International Specialised Exhibition Svarka/Welding
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17-04-2012 International Festival of Flowers and Landscape Design press release
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16-04-2012 VII International Forum "Senior Generation" post release
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10-04-2012 VII International Forum “Senior Generation” press release
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27-03-2012 Specialised International Exhibition "Automechanika. St.Petersburg"
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23-03-2012 The XII Ecology of the Big City International Forum 
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21-02-2012 XI International Trade Fair "Childhood Planet"
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09-02-2012 Forum Ecology of Big City will take Place at Lenexpo
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27-01-2012 Strategy of  ExpoForum JSC is the development of the convention and exhibition market of St. Petersburg
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13-01-2012 Onwards One of the World's Biggest Marine Exhibitions NEVA Will Be Held at ExpoForum
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23-11-2011 Construction of the largest Exhibition Centre has begunin St. Petersburg
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01-11-2011 ExpoForum Purchased Lenexpo's Exhibition Business
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28-09-2011 ExpoForum Appoints an Executive Director
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15-09-2011 Hilton Worldwide Announces Doble Arrival into St.Petersburg At Russia's Newest International Convention and Exhibition Arena
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14-09-2011 The first stone was laid in the foundation of the Church of the Smolensk Mother of God Icon
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04-08-2011 The First Part of Expoforum's Convention and Exhibition Centre will be Built by Etalon
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13-01-2011 Work Began on the New Engineering Infrastructure for the Future ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre
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24-12-2010 ExpoForum’s Hotels Will be Energy Efficient
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17-12-2010 ExpoForum Completed the Reconstruction Project Design of the Petersburg Highway
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13-10-2010 ExpoForum's Dining Facilities Will Meet European Standards
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28-09-2010 ExpoForum's Hotel SPA Complex Will Measure 1500 Square Meters
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09-06-2010 ExpoForum has arrived on the European market
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02-04-2010 St. Petersburg’s Trade Fair Exhibition Industry Rises to New Heights
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19-02-2010 New CEO of ExpoForum Company
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