ExpoForum - RSS feedPress centre - newshttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/FESTIVAL OF LUXURY AND BEAUTY: JUNWEX ST. PETERSBURG BEGINS IN EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2018/1/2427On January 31, EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Center turned into a large jewelry salon. The 26th jewelry and gem exhibition, JUNWEX ST. PETERSBURG 2018 has attracted more than 600 companies, occupying three pavilions of the large exhibition venue.2018-01-31THE 85TH UFI GLOBAL CONGRESS TO TAKE PLACE IN ST. PETERSBURGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2018/1/2428The 85th UFI Global Congress, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, will be held in St. Petersburg on October 30 – November 3, 2018. The event was introduced at the 7th Europe + Asia Event Forum (EFEA), which opened in St. Petersburg on January 18.2018-01-18CONSULS VISIT “WORLD NEW YEAR” FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT PARKhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2018/1/2429The “World New Year” Family Entertainment Park in EXPOFORUM welcomed representatives of consulates accredited in St. Petersburg. Guests from India, Israel, Finland, UK, and Switzerland toured the park and learned about New Year’s and Christmas traditions from different countries of the world. Then, they attended the musical show Lukomorye, based on the tales of Alexander Pushkin.2018-01-09“WORLD NEW YEAR” BEGINS AT EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2018/1/2430“World New Year”, the largest family entertainment park in St. Petersburg, opened in EXPOFORUM CEC on January 2. Children and adults are invited to spend their winter break learning about New Year’s traditions in different countries: quests, workshops and developing seminars will provide excellent opportunities for learning. Twice a day, the audience is invited to watch Lukomorye, a musical show based on Russian folk tales and works by A. S. Pushkin.2018-01-02RUSSIAN UNION OF EXHIBITIONS AND FAIRS BESTOWS AWARD ON EXPOFORUM- INTERNATIONALhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/12/2431On December 20-22, JSC VDNH in Moscow hosted the general session of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs. The management of ExpoForum-International returned to St. Petersburg with an award.2017-12-23RIGHT TO BE ON TOP: RUSSIAN LEADERS COME TO COMPETE AT EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/12/2432“Russia’s Leaders”, the All-Russian Competition of Managers, opened its semifinals at EXPOFORUM on December 21. 299 people from the Northwestern Federal District, including 206 residents of St. Petersburg and 20 residents of the Leningrad Region, will have three days to demonstrate their management skills and solve problems for managers.2017-12-21ST. PETERSBURG TURNS INTO A CITY OF DOGShttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/12/2433The “City of Dogs” Exhibition opened in EXPOFORUM on December 16. With 4,000 dogs of more than 400 breeds taking part, the event program offered a variety of engagements for all pet lovers, including agility and dance competitions, Young Handler contest and selection of best dogs in each breed.2017-12-16LENEXPO OFFERS 3500 JOBS ON VACANCY FAIR IN LENEXPOhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/12/2447On December 6, the St. Petersburg Committee on Labor and Employment held the last Labor and Employment City-Wide Fair of 2017 in Lenexpo Exhibition Center. 250 employers presented, 3,500 vacancies in insurance, trade, housing and utilities, and other spheres.2017-12-071,600 PARTICIPANTS ATTEND THE OPENING OF THE 7TH INTERNATIONAL FORUM “THE ARCTIC: PRESENT AND FUTUREhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/12/2448The 7th International Forum “The Arctic: Present and Future” opened in EXPOFORUM on December 4. The main topics this year are developing reference zones and single-profile cities, industrial cooperation and modern communications systems, preserving the environment and developing ecotourism in the Arctic.2017-12-04REMIC 2017 DISCUSSES INTERACTION BETWEEN BUSINESS AND THE STATEhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/11/2445REMIC 2017, the 6th International Conference of Real Estate Management in Corporations, organized by PJSC Gazprom and Club of Corporate Owners Non-Profit Association, has opened in St. Petersburg.2017-11-24THE ECOLOGY OF THE BIG CITY PROGRAM BECOMES AN UFI APPROVED EVENThttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/11/2444The Ecology of the Big City International Forum, which is held annually in EXPOFORUM received the UFI Approved Event status by the decision of the Executive Committee of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).2017-11-23SMALL BUSINESS COMES TO LENEXPOhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/11/2443On November 22-23, Lenexpo Exhibition Complex will hold the 15th Small- and Medium-Sized Business Forum in St. Petersburg. The event will be attended by representatives of companies from across the city, the infrastructure of business support will be presented, and the participants will be invited to attend a busy business and competition program.2017-11-22SCARLET SAILS FORUM SHOWS SCHOOL STUDENTS THAT DREAMS DO COME TRUEhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/11/2442The St. Petersburg Education Forum was held on November 17-18 in the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex as part of the Week of Science and Professional Education. The event has been held regularly since 2006, and includes an exhibition, a business program and meetings with interesting people of very different professions.2017-11-20THE EXHIBITION COMMUNITY WILL CELEBRATE ITS HOLIDAY FOR THE THIRD TIMEhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/11/2440Global Exhibitions Day will be celebrated on June 6 in 2018. According to tradition, exhibition professionals from across the world will celebrate Global Exhibitions Day on the first Wednesday of the first summer month.2017-11-17ST. PETERSBURG WILL GET AMBASSADORShttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/11/2441On November 16, at the VI St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, the Convention and Exhibition Bureau of the St. Petersburg City Committee for Development of Tourism, presented the City Ambassador Program concept. Alexey Molostvov, Head of sports and event programs at ExpoForum-International LLC was among the speakers at the event.2017-11-175000 FOOD PRODUCTS ARE REPRESENTED AT THE EXHIBITION IN ST. PETERSBURGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/11/2438Peterfood-2017, the main food exhibition of the Northwestern District of Russia, opened in EXPOFORUM on November 15, with more than 200 supplier companies and 100 representatives from retail chain purchasing departments from 10 Russian cities taking part.2017-11-15WHO TO BE AND WHAT TO DO: EXPOFORUM EVENT SELECTS BEST YOUNG PROFESSIONALShttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/11/2439Three major events with participation of young workers and professionals will take place in EXPOFORUM on November 15. WorldSkills Russia, 3rd Open Regional Championship; Step into Your Job, city-wide competition for professional mastery “Step into Your Career-2017; and WorldSkills Junior competition.2017-11-15HORECA EXPERTS ASSEMBLE AT FIRST MEGUSTRO EVENThttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/11/2437On November 7, EXPOFORUM welcomed MEGUSTRO, the first international gastronomic festival, the main HoReCa event in St. Petersburg. Thousands of professionals in the HoReCa industry, dozens of speakers and one hundred workshops turned the first gastronomic festival into a mega-event for the market of Russia’s Northern Capital.2017-11-07MAIN ZOOLOGICAL EXHIBITION OF THE COUNTRY TAKES PLACE IN ST. PETERSBURGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/11/2446ZooShow, the exhibition of house pets, started in EXPOFORUM on November 25. The event showcases thousands of animals – cats and dogs of various breeds, reptiles, ferrets, rodents, and even butterflies. Expressive shows, tasting of pet food and treats, photos with pets and prize raffles will be held on the main stage and at company booths.2017-11-04ST. PETERSBURG CELEBRATES JAVA INTEGRATIONhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/11/2434Joker 2017, a technical conference for experienced Senior/Regular developers and team leads started in St. Petersburg on November 3. The conference annually brings together more than 1,000 participants with speakers representing market gurus, such as Apple Inc., Google, 8Kdata, JetBrains and others.2017-11-03EXPOFORUM-INTERNATIONAL CONQUERS THE SOUTHERN CONTINENThttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/11/2435On November 1-4, the RSA will host the 84th International Congress of UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. The event will be attended by more than 500 participants from all over the world. Representing St. Petersburg and EXPOFORUM at the event are Sergey Voronkov, General Director of the Company, and Sergey Alexeev, President of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, Vice-President of ExpoForum-International.2017-11-03CHOREOGRAPHERS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD COME TO ST. PETERSBURGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/11/2436Dancers from all over Russia came to the Convention and Exhibition Center on November 1-6 to learn from the best choreographers in the world. The Center will host one of the most prominent festivals of choreography and dance in the world – Fordanzo Dance Camp.2017-11-03ST. PETERSBURG MARKS ALL SAINTS DAYhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/10/2387“Starcon: Halloween” took place on 28–29 October in Lenexpo. For two days, the festival was attended by over 6,000 people. There were 13 theme booths in the spirit of favourite films, comics, anime and video games, 500 cosplayers demonstrated costumes, and the holiday guests could go on a large quest with interactive assignments and watch a movie.2017-10-30REST AND WORK IN ST. PETERSBURG: EXPERTS SUMMARISED 6-MONTH RESULTShttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/10/2388On 26 October the CEO of Expoforum International, Sergey Voronkov, spoke at the meeting of the Committee on Convention and Exhibition Activities and Tourism of the St. Petersburg Trade and Industry Chamber. The market participants summarised the 2017 6-month results and shared plans for the future.2017-10-27“REAL ESTATE FAIR” OPENED IN ST. PETERSBURGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/10/2389From 27 through 29 October, the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre will host the anniversary exhibition “Real Estate Fair.” Three independent displays: “City Real Estate,” “Suburban Real Estate” and “Foreign and Resort Real Estate” combined over 300 market players.2017-10-27EXPOFORM IS INCLUDED IN THE TOP 25 GLOBAL EVENT-SITEShttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/10/2390ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre was included in the top 25 global event sites in the EventMB version. The catalogue “25 Event Venues and Destinations to Watch in 2018” collects the best global complexes from the United States, Ireland, Canada, UAE and other countries. ExpoForum is the only representative from Russia.2017-10-26HEART PROBLEMS ARE DISCUSSED IN EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/10/2391On 24 October, the Russian National Congress of Cardiologists, the country’s largest event, began in St. Petersburg. It has over 5,000 specialists participating from over 150 cities and 32 countries.2017-10-24CATS FROM ALL OVER RUSSIA CAME TO THE “WORLD OF CATS”http://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/10/2392The owners and lovers of the tailed pets assembled on 21 October in the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex for the opening of the Northwest’s largest multi-system exhibition “World of Cats.”2017-10-21RIDO 2017: LIGHT, COLOR AND CREATIVITY – UNDER ONE ROOFhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/10/2393On 18 October in ExpoForum a specialised exhibition began of advertising technologies “Advertising. Publicity. Information Design.” This year, the event takes place jointly with the International Festival of Publishing and Light Engineering and for the first time, with the Northwest Stationery Forum. The topics were not selected accidently, these spheres could interact effectively and produce fresh solutions because of each other.2017-10-18THE 3RD INTERNATIONAL INNOVATION FORUM OF PASSENGER TRANSPORT SMARTRANSPORT OPENED AT EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/10/2394The purpose of the forum is to promote the development of municipal passenger transportation.2017-10-18SERGEY VORONKOV ELECTED TO THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE GLOBAL ASSOCIATION OF THE EXHIBITION INDUSThttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/10/2395The CEO of ExpoForum International, operator of ExpoForum and Lenexpo was elected to the Board of Directors of UFI (Global Association of the Exhibition Industry).2017-10-16ST. PETERSBURG HOSTED THE 137TH ASSEMBLY OF THE INTER-PARLIAMENTARY UNIONhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/10/2396The ExpoForum on 14 October opened the 137th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union with the participation of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Before the Assembly started working, a meeting was held between the head of state and the members of the IPU Executive Committee.2017-10-16BUSINESS TOURISM IN ST. PETERSBURG: THREATS AND OPPORTUNITIEShttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/10/2397The CEO of ExpoForum International, Sergey Voronkov, on 10 October participated in a roundtable discussion “Business Tourism in St. Petersburg. International Meeting Site in the Cooling Period.” The discussion was organised by the RBC-Petersburg information agency and the meeting of experts was held at Indigo Hotel, 17 Chaykovskogo St.2017-10-11INDUSTRIALISTS CHOOSE CORROSION PROTECTIONhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/10/2398The ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre on 3 October opened the 20th International Exhibition and Convention “Corrosion Protection 2017.” The experts will discuss safety and reliability technologies at industrial facilities and will display anti-corrosion protection equipment and materials.2017-10-03THE INNOVATION FORUM AND RUSSIAN INDUSTRIALIST BEGAN IN EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/9/2399The ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre on 20 September opened the 21st International Forum “Russian Industrialist” and 10th St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum.2017-09-20FIND WORK EASILY: JOB FAIR OPENED IN EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/9/2400In St. Petersburg on 20 September, the Citywide Job Fair took place, organised by the St. Petersburg State Autonomous Institution Employment Centre of the St. Petersburg Population with the support of the Committee on Labour and Employment of the Population of St. Petersburg. It was attended by almost 7,000 people.2017-09-20THE RF MINISTER FOR TRANSPORTATION MAKSIM SOKOLOV OPENED THE EXHIBITION “NEVA” IN EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/9/2401On 19 September, in the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre the 14th International Exhibition and Conference on civil shipbuilding, shipping, activity of ports and development of the ocean and shelf “NEVA-2017” opened.2017-09-19PROFESSIONAL FORUM “FILM EXPO” OPENED IN ST. PETERSBURGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/9/2402On 19 September, the 19th International Forum and Exhibition “Film Expo” and the exhibition Content Expo opened in the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre. These are annual events included in the triad of the largest-scale global conventions of film-providing and are important events for the film industry of Russia, CIS and Baltic countries.2017-09-19THE INTERNATIONAL FISH INDUSTRY FORUM OPENED IN LENEXPOhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/9/2403On 14 September, the First International Fish Industry Forum opened in the Exhibition Complex Lenexpo in St. Petersburg and the Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo was held.2017-09-14OBJECTS OF INTERIOR AND DÉCOR ARE PRESENTED IN EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/9/2404On 12 September the 5th International Exhibition of Design & Décor St. Petersburg opened. Visitors can become acquainted with trendy collections of objects and materials for the interior and attend a business programme.2017-09-13THE PROMOTIONAL EVENT “I CHOOSE SPORTS!” ASSEMBLED THOUSANDS OF ST. PETERSBURG CITIZENShttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/9/2405On 9-10 September in the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre, the 12th Public Promotional Event “I Choose Sports!” will take place. It is a holiday of sports, active rest and healthy lifestyle.2017-09-09EXPOFORUM HOLDS THE “CONTINENTS CUP” DANCE ON WHEELShttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/9/2406On 8-10 September, the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre will host the International “Continents Cup” dance on wheels tournament and the All-Russian dance on wheels competitions. There will be 126 athletes participating from 12 regions of Russia and 48 athletes from 11 world countries.2017-09-09REPRODUCTOLOGISTS FROM THROUGHOUT THE WORLD CAME TO ST. PETERSBURGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/9/2407On 6 September, ExpoForum triumphantly opened the 27th International Conference of the Russian Association of Human Reproduction “Reproductive Technologies Today and Tomorrow.” The conference will last until 9 September.2017-09-07THE EQUESTRIAN EXHIBITION “HIPPOSPHERE” OPENED IN ST. PETERSBURGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/8/2408On 24 August, in the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre horse lovers and professional horse breeders gathered for the opening of the 19th International Equestrian Exhibition “Hipposphere,” Russia’s largest equestrian sports event.2017-08-24EXPOFORUM OPENED THE EXHIBITION-FAIR “AGROGRUS-2017”http://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/8/2409On 22 August, the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre opened the 26th International Agro-Industrial Exhibition and Fair “Agrorus.” The event combines the exhibition of the agro-industrial complex enterprises, business programme for industry specialists and a fair of regional products.2017-08-22PEDAGOGICAL COUNCIL ASSEMBLED TEACHERS FROM THE LENINGRAD REGION TO EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/8/2410ExpoForum on 22 August opened the regional pedagogical council “Leningrad Region: from High-Quality Education to a Successful Person.” Teachers and school directors from all regions of the 47th district came to the event.2017-08-22“AGRORUS,” THE FAIR OF REGIONAL PRODUCTS OPENED IN EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/8/2421On 19 August at the open ExpoForum site the fair of agricultural products “Agrorus” opened. Over 1,000 farmers and producers participate from all of Russia, from South Sakhalinsk to Pskov.2017-08-19COSPLAYERS CAME TO EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/7/2420From 28 through 30 July, the Convention and Exhibition Centre became the attraction focus for lovers of science, fantasy and everything unusual when the International Festival of Fantasy, Film and Science Starcon took place. The festival united 2,000 cosplayers from different cities in forms of beloved heroes of films, animated cartoons, comics and games.2017-07-28THE ART OF TUNING AND DRIVE: THE ROYAL AUTO SHOW OPENED IN EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/7/2419On 21-23 July in St. Petersburg, the spectacular international Royal Auto Show 2017 takes place. This year it assembled a record number of participants with over 500 vehicles on display in ExpoForum.2017-07-21“STRIZHI” DEMONSTRATED SUPERIOR FLYINGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/7/2418The promotional event “There Is Such a Profession – Protect the Homeland” gathered several thousand people in Lenexpo. In honour of the 105th anniversary of the aerospace forces, on the territory of the exhibition complex there were concerts, a field kitchen, while in the sky over the Gulf of Finland the wonders of superior flying were demonstrated by the aviation group “Strizhi.”2017-07-09“FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP” UNITED SPORTS FANShttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/7/2417On 2 July, the ExpoForum pavilions Å1–Å6 and Â9–Â10 hosted the annual International Children’s Forum “Football for Friendship,” organised by Gazprom PJSC.2017-07-02THE COUNTRY’S MIGHT WAS DEMONSTRATED IN RUSSIA’S MARITIME CAPITALhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/6/2415The 8th International Maritime Defence Show opened in Lenexpo. It will take place from 28 June through 2 July with displays in 4 pavilions of the complex on open sites and in the Gulf of Finland.2017-06-30THE RBC ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSED EVENT-INDUSTRY SYNERGYhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/6/2416St. Petersburg RBC organised a roundtable discussion “Event Tourism: Private Initiative and City Programmes.” The experts discussed event tourism and the quality of events that will occur in St. Petersburg. On behalf of ExpoForum International, Elena Ublieva, Deputy CEO for Commerce participated in the discussion.2017-06-29EXPOFORUM THROWS OPEN THE DOORS FOR ANIMAL LOVERShttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/6/2414On 24 June, two ExpoForum pavilions will simultaneously start pet exhibitions “Zoo Show.” The holiday will have nine thousand participants, dogs and cats of varying breeds, reptiles, ferrets and rodents. There will be striking shows on the stage and at the company booths, food and delicacy tasting, photo sessions with the favourites and prize drawings.2017-06-24ST. PETERSBURG BECAME A ZOO CAPITAL FOR THE WEEKhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/6/2413On 22 June, ExpoForum launched “Zoo Week. White Nights,” a large-scale event for zoo business, food industry, veterinary representatives and animal owners. The project combined b2b- and b2c-formats: exhibition, a rich business programme and striking pet shows. Over 30,000 visitors and more than 10,000 pets are expected during the 4 days to the 40,000 sq. metres of the ExpoForum pavilions.2017-06-22METEOROLOGISTS DISCUSS THE 21ST CENTURY CHALLENGES IN EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/6/2412On 14-15 June, the International Forum and Exhibition “Weather. Climate. Water” will take place in St. Petersburg. This is the world’s largest exhibition of instruments, systems, equipment and services in the fields of hydrometeorology, hydrology and environmental monitoring.2017-06-14NEW STREETS NEAR EXPOFORUM ARE NAMED IN HONOUR OF HISTORICAL RUSSIAN FAIRS. New streets near ExpoForhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/6/2411New streets near ExpoForum are named in honour of historical Russian fairs.2017-06-09“Think globally, act locally!”: ExpoForum hosts a celebration of Global Exhibitions Day.http://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/6/2152On 7 June 2017, the global exhibitions community celebrates Global Exhibitions Day. ExpoForum International employees joined the initiative and celebrated #GED2017 in true St. Petersburg fashion: in high style and high spirits.2017-06-07