ExpoForum - RSS feedPress centre - newshttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/SERGEI VORONKOV IS APPOINTED SPEAKER OF THE LARGEST ST. PETERSBURG BUSINESS FESTIVALhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/3/2035Sergei Voronkov, CEO, ExpoForum International, will take part in the Big Business Fun Festival, where he will explain how participation in exhibitions boosts sales and creates a positive company image.2017-03-20"HUMAN RESOURCES. MANAGEMENT. SECURITY" EXHIBITION: STAKING ON SAFETYhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/3/2033Participants of the "Human Resources. Management. Security 2017" Exhibition, which had perfectly aligned with the programme of St. Petersburg International Labour Forum, presented their latest breakthroughs in the area of labour safety.2017-03-15PEACE. LABOUR. MARCH. PETERSBURGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/3/2034The First International Labour Forum, a largest exhibition and workshop focusing on human capital, commenced its operation on the grounds of the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre.2017-03-15150 EMPLOYERS PARTICIPATE IN A JOB FAIRhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/3/2031A citywide Job and Apprentice Position Fair was held on March 14 in Pavilion 7 of Lenexpo. The Fair operated not just as a venue where applicants met their potential employers, but also served as a training ground. Experts of the city Unemployment Centre held a score of events, including trainings, seminars and workshops, where they covered such issues as legal aspects of employment, social adaptation and provided on-spot career counseling.2017-03-14ST. PETERSBURG'S PARTNER REGIONS MEET IN EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/3/2032The 11th St. Petersburg Partneriat for Small and Medium Business "St. Petersburg. Russian and Foreign Regions", an annual event promoting the development of economic cooperation and facilitating international and regional bonding has welcomed its guests in the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre on Pulkovo Heights.2017-03-14SPRING PET EXPO OPENS IN LENEXPOhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/3/2030On March 11, the largest pet exhibition in the Russian northwest "Zooshow" welcomed its guests on the grounds of the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex. Pet lovers are offered an extensive programme featuring thrilling pet competitions, galas, contests and shows. They will also have an opportunity to receive advice of veterinary doctors and breeders.2017-03-111,000+ KNIGHTS CROSSED SWORDS IN LENEXPOhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/2/2029RECON 2017, a winter knight festival, was held in St. Petersburg on February 24-25 for the first time ever. A medieval trade show featuring shops selling antique jewellery, weapons and household items, an exhibition familiarizing visitors with the art of reconstruction of historical events, hands on craft workshops and recreation areas have spread out on the shore of the Gulf of Finland.2017-02-27CHINESE NEW YEAR BRINGS ENTREPRENEURS FROM ST. PETERSBURG AND THE CELESTIAL EMPIRE CLOSER TOGETHERhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/2/2028On February 11, on the sidelines of the 2nd Russian-Chinese Business Forum, the St. Petersburg Import Substitution and Localization Centre hosted a panel discussion "Integration of Russian and Chinese Businesses in the Context of Harmonization of the Eurasian Economic Union and Silk Road Economic Belt projects", which was timed to the Chinese New Year celebration.2017-02-11BEAUTY INDUSTRY GURUS MEETING UP IN SAINT PETERSBURGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/2/1963The INTERCHARM Professional Saint Petersburg International Beauty Exhibition has opened in the Convention and Exhibition Centre ExpoForum. Participants of the Exhibition will share their unique expertise and demonstrate newest breakthroughs in cosmetology, dermatology, trichology, aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery and other related fields.2017-02-09LENEXPO: CELEBRATING NEW YEAR IN THE CHINESE STYLEhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/2/1962On February 4-12, on the side-lines of the citywide event "Saint Petersburg's Cheerful Spring," the Russian-Chinese Business Park will hold Chinese New Year festivities. Saint Petersburg's Committee for External Relations, Consulate General of the People's Republic of China, Chinese Business Centre and ExpoForum International are among the event's sponsors.2017-02-02The largest Northwest Jewellery Exhibition JUNWEX hosted by RESTEK has welcomed its visitors for thehttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/2/1961The largest Northwest Jewellery Exhibition JUNWEX hosted by RESTEK has welcomed its visitors for the 25th time.2017-02-01SERGEY VORONKOV: “THE FUTURE OF RUSSIAN EXHIBITION INDUSTRY IS PROMISING”http://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/1/1956CEO of ExpoForum-International said that he was sure in the future growth of convention and exhibition industry in Russia.2017-01-20EVENT ORGANIZERS WERE TAUGHT TO COOPERATE WITH RIVALS AT EFEA 2017http://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/1/1957On January 19, Maria Lagun, congress department manager of ExpoForum-International, spoke at the Europe + Asia Event Forum. She took part in the roundtable “How to create unique commercial offer for a city/region and how to cooperate with rivals. Principles of sharing economy for development of efficient cooperation of a destination and market participants in event industry”.2017-01-2015,000 CHILDREN TOOK PART IN THE NEW YEAR QUEST IN THE EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/1/1955Big family entertainment park “World New Year” operated in the ExpoForum during the New Year holidays. Children and their parents could learn New Year traditions of other people and countries in the interactive area with master classes, attractions, trampolines and photo areas.2017-01-13FABULOUSLY BIG NEW YEAR ENTERTAINMENT PARK OPENS IN THE EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/1/1954Family Entertainment Park “World New Year” was opened in the ExpoForum Convention & Exhibition Center, it waits for guests every day from January 2 to 8. This is a giant interactive area for recreation of children and grown-ups with master classes, attractions and other entertainments.2017-01-02EXPOFORUM INTERNATIONAL TOP MANAGER IS IN THE KOMMERSANT TOPhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/12/1953The Kommersant, the leading business newspaper in Russia, publishing the annual Top Managers of the Year rating according to the results of 2016 in twenty sectors of St. Petersburg economy, including power engineering, telecommunications, information technologies, pharmaceutics, car industry, banking, and others. Sergey Voronkov, CEO of ExpoForum-International, was included in the three best company managers in category “Commercial Real Estate”.2016-12-19EXPOFORUM RECEIVES COMPETITIONS IN MODEL AIRCRAFT FLYINGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/12/1952On December 17 competitions in aeromodelling in hall models category took place in pavilion F of the ExpoForum Convention & Exhibition Center.2016-12-17SERGEY VORONKOV PRESENTED NEW EVENT FORMATS IN THE EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/12/1951Sergey Voronkov, CEO of ExpoForum-International, told about new format events in the Lenexpo and the ExpoFourm at the meeting of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs held to hear reports and elect officials – permanent business centers, sports events, film shows and performances as well as the family entertainment park.2016-12-15LEADING PLAYERS OF THE RUSSIAN CONVENTION AND EXHIBITION MARKET ASSEMBLE IN ST. PETERSBURGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/12/1949General meeting of the members of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, was opened in the ExpoForum.2016-12-14SMALL-SCALE AND MEDIUM INDUSTRY FORUM TAKES PLACE IN LENEXPOhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/12/1950Entrepreneurs are consulted by experts, they take part in discussions about resisting corruption and present their products and services at the Small-Scale and Medium Industry of St. Petersburg exhibition in the seventh pavilion of the exhibition complex.2016-12-14SERGEY VORONKOV NAMED ONE OF THE BEST MANAGERS IN ST. PETERSBURGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/12/1944Sergey Voronkov, CEO of ExpoForum International, became a finalist of the RBC St. Petersburg 2016 Award in the category “Manager of the Year.”2016-12-08ORGANIZERS OF CHILDREN’S RECREATION ASSEMBLE IN ST. PETERSBURGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/12/1948The II Children’s Recreational Industry Forum opened today in the St. Petersburg Import Substitution and Localization Center. Camps and tourist companies from St. Petersburg, Moscow and districts near Moscow, Krasnodar Region, Crimea, Pskov Region and Arkhangelsk Region, Republic of Adygea and Republic of Belarus present their recreation programs for children.2016-12-06VI INTERNATIONAL FORUM “ARCTIC: THE PRESENT AND THE FUTURE” OPENED AT EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/12/1943This year, 1200 representatives of the relevant federal ministries and departments, regional authorities, commercial companies and research institutions from all over the world are taking part in the event. Participants will elaborate proposals for a draft law on the development of Russia’s Arctic zone.2016-12-02SMART CATTLE BREEDING – A NEW EXHIBITION IN THE NORTH-WESTERN FEDERAL DISTRICThttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/11/1940Smart Farm Exhibition of equipment, fodder and veterinary products for cattle breeding and poultry farming opened at ExpoForum. The project, organized by Primexpo company (ITE Expo), opened for the first time and became the only specialist exhibition in the region.2016-11-30THE LATEST OFFERS OF THE TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS SECTOR PRESENTED AT EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/11/1941TransBaltica International Exhibition opened in St. Petersburg. It is the only project in the North-West of Russia presenting transport, logistics and customs services, warehouse equipment, IT solutions for transport and logistics at one venue.2016-11-30REGULAR ASSEMBLY OF THE INTER-PARLIAMENTARY UNION OPENS IN EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/11/1896St. Petersburg was approved as the site for holding the 137th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), which will take place in the fall of 2017. The opening ceremony and the gala dinner will be held in Europe’s most modern convention and exhibition centre – EXPOFORUM.2016-11-28THE RUSSIAN UNION OF EXHIBITIONS AND FAIRS CELEBRATES ITS ANNIVERSARY IN EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/11/1902The anniversary accounting and election meeting of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs will be held on 14-15 December in the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre. It is its 25th anniversary.2016-11-16THE MAIN FOOD EXHIBITION OF THE REGION OPENED IN ST. PETERSBURGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/11/1901The ceremonial opening of the anniversary XXV International exhibition “Peterfood”, the largest in the Northwest food trade, took place in the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre. Over 8,000 negotiations on shipments to 50 networks of the NWFD are conducted every year.2016-11-15START OF THE EXHIBITION SECURIKA ST. PETERSBURGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/11/1900On 8 November, the EXPOFORUM CONVENTION AND EXHIBITION CENTRE opened the international exhibition of security and fire-fighting devices and equipment Securika St. Petersburg.2016-11-08THE STARCON HALLOWEEN FESTIVAL WAS HELD IN LENEXPOhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/10/1898Lenexpo held Starcon Halloween on 29–30 October: a festival of fantasy, movies, serials, comics and science. Over 300 co-players from throughout Russia, teams of 12-thematic booths, volunteers and devotees of fantasy and horror participated.2016-10-31HIPPOSPHERE DEVELOPS EQUESTRIAN SPORThttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/10/1899The St. Petersburg international equestrian exhibition “Hipposphere” has entered the list of the most significant sports competitions held in the Northern capital in 2017.2016-10-31IN EXPOFORUM CHOOSE YOUR HOMEhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/10/1897In pavilion G the exhibition “Real Estate Fair”, beloved of St. Petersburg residents and city guests opened. Within three independent exhibitions, over 300 market players present their opportunities.2016-10-28ST. PETERSBURG GREETED THE VOLUNTEERS WITH THE FIRST SNOWhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/10/1894Today was the opening by EXPOFORUM of the All-Russian Forum of Volunteers, which united the social, events, medical, cultural, “silver” and young volunteers of Victory and emergency volunteers. Over 1,000 volunteers from 85 Russian cities were met to discuss the future and the efficacy of the volunteer movement.2016-10-25EXPOFORUM WELCOMED THE PAP FOR RUSSIA EXHIBITIONhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/10/1895Over 6,000 leaders gathered for two days for the largest Eastern European pulp and paper exhibition and business forum. Over 180 of the primary market players participated in the event.2016-10-25TOP-250 BUSINESS FORUM TO BE ORGANISED IN ST. PETERSBURGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/10/1886On November 14, the AZIMUT hotel hosts one of the most significant business events of the year – the TOP-250 Business Forum – attracting annually 250 businesspeople and representatives of the biggest companies in the North-West.2016-10-20EXPOFORUM INTERNATIONAL AND VLADIMIR REGION CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY BECOME PARTNERShttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/10/1887On October 18, representatives of ExpoForum International and the Vladimir Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry endorsed a cooperation agreement aimed at expansion of the Import Substitution Base and cataloguing domestic manufacturers.2016-10-18GREAT SANCTIFICATION SERVICE HELD IN THE CHURCH OF THE SMOLENSK MOTHER OF GOD ICONhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/10/1888On October 17, the Great Sanctification service was held with the participation of the Metropolitan Barsanuphius of St. Petersburg and Ladoga.2016-10-17THE MOST IMPORTANT JAVA-CONFERENCE IN RUSSIA TAKES PLACE AT THE EXPOFORUM SITEhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/10/1889Over 1,000 specialists will participate in a two-day event where around 40 Senior/Middle papers will be presented. The target audience of the conference are Java experts.2016-10-14ST. PETERSBURG INTERNATIONAL HEALTH FORUM OPENED IN EXPOFORUM CONVENTION AND EXHIBITION CENTREhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/10/1890The project combined five specific exhibitions for the fourth time: “MEDIZ. Medicine and Health”, “Pharmacy”, “Bioindustry”, “Primary Wellness Tourism” and “Beauty Medicine”.2016-10-12ADVERTISING SOLUTIONS EXHIBITION LAUNCHED IN SAINT PETERSBURGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/10/1891Today, a special exhibition “Advertising. Information. Design. Execution” comes into operation at the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre. This year, the project is hosting exterior advertising providers, printing equipment and material vendors, promotional merchandise manufacturers, full-cycle advertising agencies, etc.2016-10-12SERGEY ALEXEEV BECOMES CHIEF OF THE DECADEhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/10/1892Vice-President of ExpoForum International Sergey Alexeev has been honored with the Chief of the Year title, an independent business prize.2016-10-11LENEXPO EXHIBITION COMPLEX HOSTS CAT LOVERShttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/10/1893On October 8 to 9, for Saint Petersburg’s inhabitants and visitors, the focus was on the most affectionate purring pets – cats. It was they who were in the spotlight of the new Cats’ World exhibition, organised by the Zooshow’s sponsors.2016-10-10EXPOFORUM PRESS SERVICE LAUNCHES TELEGRAM BOT FOR PRESShttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/10/1871The first media bot for press in Russia started working at the Gas Forum. The bot works using the Telegram app - a messenger developed by Pavel Durov, the founder of VKontakte social network.2016-10-05The International Gas Forum started in St. Petersburghttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/10/1872The 6th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum started with the Plenary Session on the subject Gas Industry as the Energy Pillar of the Global Economy.2016-10-04Cooperation in the gas sector is unavoidablehttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/10/1873The first and the key event of the first day of the 6th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum was the Plenary Session on the subject Gas Industry as the Energy Pillar of the Global Economy. The leaders of the largest oil and gas companies of the world assessed condition and capacity of the natural gas market in their countries and in the world in general.2016-10-04CHILDREN AND ADULTS ARE REMINDED ABOUT ROAD SAFETY AT LENEXPOhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1870Innovative systems, equipment and projects presented at Road Safety for the Life Safety Forum will help reduce the number of traffic accidents, which is a key problem on the agenda today.2016-09-29ST. PETERSBURG HOSTS WORLDCHEFS CONGRESShttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1869The fact that the 2020 Convention will be held in St. Petersburg was announced during the Worldchefs Congress in Thessaloniki.2016-09-28EXPERTS DISCUSS COMPREHENSIVE DEVELOPMENT OF SOUTH OF ST. PETERSBURGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1868The Annual International Forum of Spatial Development, also known as "Extreme urbanism" or X-URBAN, opened in St. Petersburg today. One of the key events of the Forum’s first day is the 3rd Annual Conference of "Global South. From Strategic Solutions to Tactical Actions", where representatives of government, business, transport and higher education institutions analyze points of growth which may become vehicles for development of southern districts and suburbs of St. Petersburg.2016-09-26LENEXPO HOSTS ROYAL AUTO SHOW CAR AND MOTORCYCLE EXHIBITIONhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1867On September 21-23, St. Petersburg hosted the annual festival of cars and motorcycles.LenExpo Exhibition Complex showcased the best tuning projects from all over the country, rare hand-built motorcycles, racing cars, muscle cars, an exclusive collection of hypercars and new products of various automotive concerns.2016-09-25JOB SHOW HELD IN NORTHERN CAPITALhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1866For three days, one of the ExpoForum pavilions turned into a plant shop, a confectionery company, a beauty salon, a primary school, a woodworking shop and a computer studio. There are four competitions for professional school and high school students: “Step Into Profession,” “Young Professionals,” and “JuniorSkills” within the WorldSkills Russia program in St. Petersburg, as well as “Abilimpics” = am olympiad of professional skills for people with disabilities.2016-09-23EXPOFORUM-INTERNATIONAL IS AMONG SOUVENIR AWARD WINNERShttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1865On September 22, ExpoForum International Company received an award of the 3rd PPIA "Craftsmen Nation 2016" Prize in the nomination for the best "New Year Business Souvenir".2016-09-2245,000 VACANCIES ARE OFFERED TO PETERSBURGERShttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1862On September 21, the 34th Citywide Job and Training Fair opened in St. Petersburg. The Employment Service of St. Petersburg celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, and the event is presented for the first time at ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Center.2016-09-21EXPOFORUM BECOMES AN INNOVATION CENTERhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1863The 11th Saint Petersburg International Innovation Forum (PIIF) of this year takes place in conjunction with the 12th International "Russian Industrialist" Forum: the two events have an extensive joint business program, and exhibitions logically complement each other.2016-09-21"RUSSIAN INDUSTRIALIST" OPENS IN ST. PETERSBURGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1864ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Center presents innovations today. There are several activities important for the innovation development of St. Petersburg taking place simultaneously, including 20th Anniversary "Russian Industrialist" Forum, St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum, the final leg of "Step into profession" and "Young Professionals" professional skill competitions within the WorldSkills Russia program, as well as the citywide fair of vacancies and training jobs.2016-09-21MOVIES FOR PROFESSIONALS: KINO EXPO FORUM STARTS IN ST. PETERSBURGhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1861On September 19, ExpoForum Convention Center hosted the opening of the 18th Kino Expo International Forum and Exhibition. This is an annual event for professionals in the entertainment and cinema industry, including movie-making, television, cinema and new digital media. Kino Expo, which is attended by over 2,500 representatives of the cinema and media business from 40 countries, is among the three most ambitious global conventions of the cinema industry and is the main industry event in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries.2016-09-19START OF ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT OF POLYMER INDUSTRY IN RUSSIA IS ANNOUNCEDhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1860The 6th press tour at the Plastics Processing Plant named after "Komsomolskaya Pravda" took place on September 15, finalizing a series of events dedicated to the anniversary project of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg, celebrating the Union’s 20th anniversary.2016-09-16LARGEST UFI EXHIBITION CONVENTION TO BE HELD AT EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1859In 2018, ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Center will become a site for the main event in the convention and exhibition industry — the International Congress of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). Every year the project brings together more than 600 representatives of companies — organizers of exhibitions and forums, as well as convention and exhibition companies from all over the world.2016-09-15EXPOFORUM PRESENTS NEW INTERIORS OF 2016/2017 SEASONhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1856On September 14, pavilion H of the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Center hosted the opening of the 4th International Interior and Decor Exhibition "Design & Decor St. Petersburg", organized by Primexpo Company.2016-09-14EXPOFORUM TO HOST A SERIES OF EVENTS OF OIL AND GAS INDUSTRYhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1857On October 4–7, ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Center will bring together major international projects specializing in oil and gas industry.2016-09-14SYNERGY WITH "RUSSIAN INDUSTRIALIST" BRINGS ST. PETERSBURG INNOVATION FORUM TO THE NEXT LEVELhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1858On September 14 TASS held a press conference dedicated to the opening of the 9th St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum and "Russian Industrialist" 20th International Forum. This ambitious project bringing together two major industry events will be held at ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Center on September 21-23.2016-09-14EXPOFORUM BECOMES LARGE-SCALE FILMING SITE AGAINhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1855On September 12, SWAT men in masks ran around the territory of the Convention and Exhibition Complex and wrung the hands of respectable men in suits, and a police car was on duty at the parking lot for the whole day. However, those were not real SWAT teams, and the rest of the scenery was made of film props.2016-09-12EXPOFORUM OPTS FOR SPORThttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1853On September 10-11, all St. Petersburg pupils and their parents meet at ExpoForum to choose their path in sport at at the traditional Opt for Sport event. Every year the project brings together tens of thousands of people.2016-09-10ST. PETERSBURG HOSTS INTERNATIONAL WHEELCHAIR DANCE SPORT COMPETITIONhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1854On September 9 - 11 the sports centre of ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre hosts the biggest international competition in Wheelchair Dance Sport - 2016 World Cup/Continents Cup.2016-09-10Expoforum app available for Android and IOShttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1740The Expoforum has launched a mobile app under the same name which integrates all events taking place in the Convention and Exhibition Center at Pulkovo Heights.2016-09-09EXPOFORUM BECOMES SPORT ACTIVITY CENTERhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1852Major sporting events will be held at ExpoForum on September 9-11: the Wheelchair Dance Sport 2016 World Cup/Continents Cup, as well as the Opt for Sport public event.2016-09-06HOW TO SAVE ENERGY RESOURCES WAS DISCUSSSED AT THE FESTIVAL #VMESTEYARCHEhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1815On September 4, educational workshops, quizes and interactive games devoted to energy saving on were held at Lenexpo’s Red Square. The main surprise for St. Petersburg residents was a concert by the popular singer Yulianna Karaulova and a flash mob with participation of tens of volunteers with balloons.2016-09-04GARDENERS ARE CELEBRATED AT THE EXHIBITION AND TRADE FAIR “AGRORUS”http://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/9/1814September 2 is the city Gardener’s Day within the Exhibition and Trade Fair “Agrorus”. Visitors can buy flowers, garden plants, vegetables, fruits, berries, honey and other food products. Concert and entertainment shows are prepared for guest: dancing and vocal groups perform, quizes are held, the Farm of Rural Animals is open.2016-09-02ALXANDER DROZDENKO THANKED EXPOFORUM-INTERNATIONAL FOR “AGRORUS”http://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/8/1812The Governor of the Leningrad Region Alexander Drozdenko noted the great contribution of ExpoForum-International in developing the exhibition, business and other cultural events, and thanked it for organising and holding the International Agroindustrial Exhibition and Trade Fair “Agrorus”. This is the exhibition’s 25th year.2016-08-31ST. PETERSBURG AND THE LENINGRAD REGION CELEBRATED THEIR DAY AT “AGRORUS”http://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/8/1813As a part of the Day of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, products of more than 350 enterprises of the Leningrad Region were presented, a broad business programme was organised, and a Centre for Business Purchases was in operation. In the open exhibition space one could buy vegetables, fish, various sorts of cheese, bread and sausages, and visit the Farm of Rural Animals.2016-08-31ANNIVERSARY “AGRORUS” GREETS GUESTS IN EXPOFORUMhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/8/1811On August 30, the XXV International Agroindustrial Exhibition and Trade Fair “Agrorus” started its work in the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre. In its anniversary year, the legendary Russian exhibition represents over 700 companies from six global countries on a new site. Leningrad, Penza, Vologda, Samara, Pskov and other regions present collective booths.2016-08-30ST. PETERSBURG RESIDENTS WILL BE TAUGHT TO SAVE ENERGY AT THE FESTIVAL #VMESTEYARCHEhttp://www.expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2016/8/1810On 4 September, the All-Russian Energy Saving Festival #VmesteYarche will take place in Lenexpo, targeted at promoting the idea of energy saving. The project is organised with support of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs2016-08-29