Ecology of big city 2023

Event information:

Date: 22 mar 2023 - 24 mar 2023


Venue: pavilion E

Organizer: ЭкспоФорум-Интернэшнл

Event type: Forum


The Forum is the largest convention and exhibition event in the end of environmental protection, nature conservation, as well as environmental protection equipment, technologies and services in the North-West.

The forum is aimed at promotion and implementation of innovative environmental protection equipment and resource saving technologies in Russia, which contribute to the development of high-tech environmentally friendly and safe production, nature conservation and improvement of the quality of life of the population in big cities.

The event is included in the Unified Calendar of Events of St. Petersburg, which is formed by the Committee for Tourism Development of the City Government.

Exhibition Program

  • Nature conservation activities and services
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Waste management: Technologies. Equipment. Services
  • Water supply, water disposal, water treatment and purification
  • Green technologies/Creating of comfortable urban environment
  • Innovations in nature conservation
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