Energy-saving. Power efficiency. Innovative technologies and equipment. 2018

Event information:

Date: 02 oct 2018 - 05 oct 2018


Venue: pavilion G

Organizer: FAREXPO

Event type: Exhibition


It’s a unique industry project that promotes comprehensive solutions to the energy problems in industry and housing and communal services, infrastructure development areas, energy and environmental security.

The leading industry event in the region that demonstrates the scientific and technical developments and achievements in the field of energy-saving, progressive solutions for the energy sector and modern effective technology complex.

Technologies and equipment for saving gas, water, heat, electricity, fuel, materials etc. in housing and utilities, industry, agriculture, transport, mechanical engineering:

  • Meters for water, gas, electricity;
  • Automated systems for integrating energy (AMR);
  • Thermostats, heat exchangers;
  • Renewable and low energy;
  • Re-use of energy resources;
  • Autonomous power supply,

Non-traditional heat-generating power plants that use energy alternative energy sources (biomass, biogas, gas, peat, wood waste, coal, municipal solid waste).

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