CBT FORUM. Congress of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy 2020

Event information:

Date: 15 may 2020 - 16 may 2020


Venue: congress halls Е7-Е12, G20-G29, press office

Organizer: Association for Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapy

Event type: Forum

Website: http://associationcbt.org/

Two approach of CBT will come to Russia with their training and reports. The first one of the cognitive-behavioral approach is the school of Cognitive therapy of A.Beck. The second one is the school of rational-emotive-behavioral therapy of A. Ellis.

CBT FORUM is an annual international Congress, which brings together experts from all over the world to share experiences, research and training. Each member of the Association at least once should visit CBT FORUM at least once to see the depth of cognitive behavioral therapy, to learn the news of the cutting edge of science from world-renowned leaders, to meet the leading speakers of the Association and the world community!

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