The concert of the Tavrichesky Symphony Orchestra of the Leningrad Region

Event information:

Date: 15 apr 2018 - 15 apr 2018


Venue: Hall Е1-Е3

Organizer: ExpoForum International

Event type: Сoncert


The show-mystery "Wheel of Fortune" performed by the Tavrichesky Symphony Orchestra of the Leningrad Region.

250 artists on stage: 180 choirs and 70 artists of the orchestra. Conductor - Mikhail Golikov. Multimedia show and pictures of sand.

The multimedia event will unite the world classic hit - cantata "Carmina Burana" in the performance of the symphonic orchestra of the Leningrad region "Tavrichesky", which has grown fond of the audience, a large concert choir and mystical pictures of sand that the artist will create right before the eyes of the public.

Vocal and orchestral numbers of the cantata will allow viewers to experience all the contrasts of life: from joy, happiness and fun, admiration of the beauty of nature and love passion to the doubts, sorrows and burdens of life of vagrant monks and students. The changing "Wheel of Fortune", which plays the destiny of man, is the main idea of ​​the monumental work, which begins with the dramatic "O Fortuna!" And ends with it.

The show-mystery "Wheel of Fortune" will unite the symphonic orchestra of the Leningrad region "Tavrichesky", the choir of students of St. Petersburg State University, the Academic Choir named after. A.I. Krylov SPbGTI, youth choir SPGHPA them. Stieglitz, Chamber Choir Alma Mater of the Leningrad Regional College of Culture and Art, soloists of the leading opera houses of St. Petersburg and the artist of the sand show.

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