Concert of Taurida State Symphony Orchestra of Leningrad oblast

Event information:

Date: 14 dec 2019 - 14 dec 2019


Venue: Hall E1-E3

Organizer: Expoforum-International

Event type: Сoncert


Special Gala concert. Symphony Orchestra in the framework of the anniversary evening will present the whole range of genres performed by team: Symphonic, Cantata- oratorio genre, light and popular classical, film music, symphonic jazz program, Ballet and Opera staging the operetta. *

Taurida State Symphony orchestra of Leningrad oblast is the successor promoting cultural heritage of the Tauride International Symphony orchestra since 2009.

The orchestra team under the leadership of Mikhail Golikov has achieved recognition among professionals and a wide audience since their very first steps. The orchestra consists of bright virtuoso musicians from near and far abroad countries: USA, Finland, Costa Rica, Mongolia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan. The majority of them are currently studying or has already graduated from the Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory.

The average age of musicians is 23-24 years old, therefore it is the youngest professional team in Russia that regularly participates in national and international festivals, performs more than 100 concerts a year, contributing to works of Russian and world musical heritage.

* The program is subject to change

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