Continents Cup 2020 Annual Wheelchair Dance Sport International Competition

Event information:

Date: 11 sep 2020 - 13 sep 2020


Venue: congress halls

Organizer: Wheelchair Dance Sport Federation in Russia with support of Ministry of sport, Government of Saint-Petersburg, Paralympic Committee of Russia, All-Russian Federation of sports of persons with the defeat of the musculoskeletal system

Event type: Sport event


The largest international competitions in Para Dance Sport– three days of gambling sports! Traditional Continents Cup in 2019 received back the status of the World Para Dance Sport World Cup, and the competition will bring together the strongest dancers from all over the world!

Continents Cup tournament in the test program will reveal the strongest wheelchair dancers in the ensembles competition, as well as for the first time in international competitions will perform dancers in the group of Children 7-12 years, and will be a unique competition in pairs "Parent - child"!

"Show of Champions" - gala concert of performances of the best on the planet wheelchair dancers, will complete the tournament!


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