NEVA 2021

Event information:

Date: 21 sep 2021 - 24 sep 2021


Venue: pavilions F, G, H

Organizer: Dolphin Exhibitions Limited - UK

Event type: Exhibition and conference


The NEVA Exhibition and Conference is the premier B2B platform for international companies to access and benefit from the opportunity of Russia's maritime industry.  

Market Position of NEVA:  The leading commercial maritime exhibition of its kind in the Russian Federation

  • Over 26000 square meters occupied by 600+ exhibiting participants from 37 countries.
  • 20000+ visitors, professionals and participants.
  • 30+ conference sessions covering the broadest maritime industry topic profile in the Russian event calendar.

NEVA has a rich 29 year history of service to the development of Russian Commercial Maritime Industries starting from 1991, now in its 15th Edition!

The NEVA Programme have continuously supported the accelerating expansion of Russia’s commercial maritime industries, promoting their development opportunities, products, services, designers and manufacturers, and their cooperation with world-wide shipping and trade. NEVA is a proudly supported by decree from the Russian Federation as the premier commercial maritime B2B event in Russia, continuing to strengthen ties between the Russian National Shipbuilders and International companies.

NEVA 2019 takes place in Sent Petersburg - Russia's exquisite shipbuilding capital, at Expoforum's premier Exhibition and Conference Complex near Pulkovo International Airport, accommodating increasing demand for exhibition space while providing the perfect platform for International participants to benefit from massive opportunities within the rapidly developing Russian market.

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