Offshore Marintec Russia. 2018

Event information:

Date: 02 oct 2018 - 05 oct 2018


Venue: pavilion Н

Organizer: RESTEC

Event type: Exhibition and conference


Offshore and Maritime Exhibition & Conference dedicated to development of continental shelf infrastructure.

Offshore Marintec Russia offers an opportunity to have a complete grasp of modern technical means necessary at all stages of offshore energy resources development from geological prospecting and producing to transporting and storing. 

Offshore Marintec Russia runs in even-numbered years.

Exhibit profile:

  • Equipment and technology for construction and exploitation of offshore oil and gas wells
  • Subsea operations and pipelines
  • Chemicals, chemical additives and materials
  • Design, construction and exploitation of vessels and marine facilities. Development of Russian shipbuilding aimed at offshore oil and gas exploration
  • Special-purpose vessels, ice breakers, vessels for support of offshore operations
  • Ships classification and certification
  • Offshore facilities and FPSO for production and survey of oil and gas resources including facilities for ice conditions
  • Aviation for support of offshore facilities, monitoring and elimination of oil spills
  • Navigation
  • IT and communications
  • HSE and environmental safety
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