Professional Education, Science and Innovation in the XXI Century

Event information:

Date: 30 nov 2022 - 01 dec 2022


Venue: congress center

Organizer: Committee on Science and Higher Education, ExpoForum International Operator

Event type: Сongress


Objectives of the organization and holding:

  • discussion of topical issues of professional education, science, innovation;
  • development by the professional community of proposals for the development of the system of vocational education, scientific and innovative activities;
  • convergence of the positions of the scientific and educational sphere and the business community in the training of professional personnel, planning and implementation of scientific and scientific-technical research and development, implementation of innovative activities.

The Congress is held jointly with the St. Petersburg International Scientific and Educational Salon.

The Congress participants are representatives of the teaching staff, employees, students, postgraduates of educational institutions of higher and secondary vocational education, scientific and other innovative-active organizations located on the territory of St. Petersburg and other subjects of the Russian Federation, foreign countries, leading practitioners, representatives of state authorities.

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