Ros-Gas-Expo 2020

Event information:

Date: 06 oct 2020 - 09 oct 2020


Venue: pavilion G

Organizer: FAREXPO

Event type: Exhibition


Specialized exhibition of natural gas industry and technology of gas facility. One of the significant events of the industry in Russia devoted to demonstration of achievements in construction, maintenance and reconstruction of gas-transport and gas-distribution systems. 

Ros-Gas-Expo is known for the international world as the key event for the representatives of the gas industry. The fair has been acknowledged by the UFI (Union Des Foires Internationales) and entered into the International Fair Register recommended for participation by the Office of the Secretary General.

Exhibition profile:

  • Magistral gas-supply
  • Autonomous and reserve gas-supply for Domestic buildings and manufacturing enterprises
  • Purification of associated petroleum gas for gas utilities
  • Operation of gas distribution systems
  • Gas assessment
  • Diagnostics
  • Industrial security and ecology of the gas complex
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