RECON 2020

Event information:

Date: 14 mar 2020 - 15 mar 2020

Complex: Lenexpo

Venue: pavilion 7

Organizer: Courage of Ages

Event type: Festival


The largest in Russia and one of a kind convention of representatives of military-historical re-enactment from different cities and countries.

Guests of the event will enjoy spectacular tournaments and battles of knights in plate armor, mass battles of infantry, military maneuvers of the Romans, and war rituals of the Indians.

Enjoy different activities under one roof such as a historical fair, children's interactive events with contests and presents, a vivid show program with medieval music, a lot of workshops for adults and children, a playground for historical and modern board games, a lounge zone and a reading room.

Special space for children is also planned with the exciting activities waiting for them - a siege of the castle, battles with safe swords, artwork classes. 

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