WPA Regional Congress 2020

Event information:

Date: 04 may 2020 - 07 may 2020


Venue: congress halls

Organizer: Alta Astra

Event type: Event rescheduled

Website: http://wpa2020spb.com/

WPA Regional Congress “Interdisciplinary understanding of co-morbidity in psychiatry: from science to integrated care”.

The new high-technology research possibilities have opened a new era in the study of mental disorders, along with advances in psychological fields of psychiatric and mental health research. Recent data from basic sciences have opened a new perspective on the understanding of comorbidity of mental and somatic disorders, as well as comorbidity and syndromes overlapping between different groups of mental disorders themselves. This faces specialists with a challenge to reconsider the existing understanding and classification approach to mental illnesses.

Speaking about practical issues, we have to admit that the implementation of interdisciplinary care in everyday practice needs our further common efforts and we have failed so far to achieve this standard. The congress will give the opportunity for brainstorming on how can we achieve it.

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