SmartFarm 2020

Event information:

Date: 02 dec 2020 - 03 dec 2020


Venue: congress halls

Organizer: MVK (International Exhibition Company)

Event type: Exhibition


Smart Farm is the key B2B exhibition of equipment, feed and veterinary products for animal farming in the Northwest of Russia.

The exhibition is held since 2017. Annually Russian and foreign companies become Smart Farm exhibitors to present equipment, feed and veterinary products for animal and poultry farming.

Exhibition visitors are featured by owner and directors, veterinarians, engineers, zootechnicians and other professionals of agricultural organizations, poultry farms, livestock breeding farms and peasant farms.

Annually the practical conference on ‘Effective animal and poultry farming’ is organised within the exhibition. The conference is supported by the Government of Leningrad Region.

The exhibition is held with the support of the Veterinary Department of the Leningrad Region, the Association of Peasant (Farmer) Farms, Personal Subsidiary Farms and Cooperatives of the Leningrad Region and St. Petersburg, the National Milk Producers Union, the National Association of turkey breeding.

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