All-Russian Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll Competition 2020

Event information:

Date: 14 feb 2020 - 16 feb 2020


Venue: congress halls

Organizer: Saint Petersburg Sport Federation of Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll

Event type: Sport event


Traditionally wide geography of our country is represented at competitions – 1,500 people out of 25 regions of Russia are coming to Saint Petersburg during these days. Sportsmen are going to compete in 14 different sport disciplines and categories as pair and as group.

Competition are rating and affect on representation of national sport team, it conducts to populate and develop acrobatic rock’n’roll in Russia, increasing sportsmen’s mastership and figuring out the strongest ones in this kind of sport.

On Saturday: M class-mixed, A class-mixed, B class-mixed, B class-mixed Junior, B class-mixed Youth, Formation-mixed, Formation-mixed Junior.

On Sunday: A class-mixed Youth, A class-mixed Junior, Formation women, Formation girls, Boogie Woogie-mixed, Boogie Woogie-mixed Junior, Boogie Woogie-mixed Youth.

The audience will see the strongest couples in M class-mixed as five time World champions Olga Sbitneva and Ivan Yudin, two-time champions of Europe Darina Kozlova and Alexey Kondrashin, silver medal winners 10th World games Kseniia Osnovina and Konstantin Chistikov, current World champions in Formation-mixed Charm Team and silver medal winners in Formation-mixed Rock Comets, Boogie Woogie dancers Svetlana and Alexey Gavrilovs and Evgenia Khavtorina/Nikolay Khitruk.


The Committee of Physical Culture and Sports of Saint Petersburg, All-Russian Public Organization “All-Russian Federation of Dance Sport and Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll”, Saint Petersburg Sport Federation of Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll.

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