Corrosion protection. 2017

Event information:

Date: 03 oct 2017 - 06 oct 2017


Venue: pavilion G

Organizer: ExpoForum International

Event type: Exhibition


Тhe exhibition has been held in Saint Petersburg for more than 35 years, since 1981 and dedicated to important science-technical, economical and ecological problem – corrosion protection of metals and materials in a different fields of the industry (energetics, oil industry, petrochemical, petroleum, shipbuilding, mechanic engineering, building and other fields).  

 Main topics:

  • modern methods and means to protect metals and materials from corrosion in various industries (chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, shipbuilding, automotive and others.)
  • the protection of buildings, structures, industrial equipment;
  • equipment for surface preparation;
  • anti-corrosion and protective materials; production and application technology (Paints, varnishes, putty, primer, rust converters, polymers, elastomers, oils, lubricants, corrosion inhibitors and corrosion - additives, insulating materials, silicapolimerconcretes, metallized coating);
  • equipment for the application of protective coatings, the technology of their application (paints, plastics. elastomeric, electroplating, plasma, metallization, diffuse and enamel coatings, vacuum metallization).
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