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80 companies presented their products at the Zooindustry exhibition

80 largest companies took part in the III International Exhibition of Goods and Services for Pets at ExpoForum: manufacturers and suppliers of animal feed and goods, distributors, large wholesale companies, veterinary enterprises, grooming salons.

AS Capital LLC presented a large selection of products for the maintenance and transportation of cats and dogs, as well as toys, accessories and clothing for pets. In addition, there were products for reptiles and terrariums on display.

Istok company, the official supplier of veterinary and medical equipment, showed endoscopic and electrosurgical devices, such as laser surgical devices, coagulators, bipolar scissors, clamps and other professional products.

Purina, an animal nutrition manufacturer, showed dry and wet food, canned food for dogs and cats with different preferences. Treats that favourably affect the gastrointestinal tract and kidney function, hypoallergenic feeds were presented.

ZooMed company, representing equipment and services for veterinary clinics, showed at the exhibition a portable X-ray machine, a stationary ultrasound diagnostic system for general screening, a veterinary monitor and other devices required for the treatment of animals.

Krka, a Slovenian pharmaceutical company presented antibacterial, insecticidal and anthelmintic drugs for dogs and cats at the exhibition. “Since our company deals not only with medicines for animals, but also for people, the requirements for products are very high. Therefore, we can be proud of the fact that, for example, the insect repellent we have developed is not only effective, but also one of the fastest–acting, after which the pet can contact the owner in two hours,” – said the representative of Krka.

Poisk, an independent veterinary laboratory, which conducts biochemical, histological studies, makes genetic tests and tests for infectious diseases, diagnoses oncological diseases, held consultations, raffled and sold souvenirs within the framework of the Zooindustry exhibition.

The exhibition was also attended by such well-known brands as Grand Alfa, VetProducts, Zoomenu, Gatchina Plant, Tver Flour Mill, Agrobioprom, Krasnodarzoovetsnab, Moszoovetsnab, Pet Line and others.

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