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"Agrorus": opening of the exhibition, agreement with the Crimea and heather honey

On July 10, the international agronomic-industrial exhibition "Agrorus’" was opened at congress and exhibition center “Expoforum”. The event brings together the exhibition of agronomic-industrial enterprises, a business program for industry professionals. This year, the exhibition is attended by about 600 companies from 30 regions.

Roman Markov, a vice-governor of the Leningrad province government, opened the exhibition and welcomed the participants and guests on behalf of the governor and the regional government. "Today, the Leningrad province has something to show, it has a leading position in Russian agriculture: in dairy, poultry and egg production", - he said.

Oleg Malaschenko, a deputy chairman of the government of the Leningrad province of agriculture and fisheries, reminded that on the 10th-12th of July, all-Russian field day is celebrated– a unique project during which the latest technology, modern machinery, crops of new varieties and hybrids are demonstrated in natural conditions, on specially prepared fields.

Yuri Kalabin, a chairman of the St. Petersburg committee on industrial policy and innovation, noted at the opening ceremony that "the independence of the state is built on three pillars: defense, active patriotic people, food security. I would like us to achieve jointly with you what was lost in previous years – the complete independence of our state from Western food importers. I think that together we are able to return to the pre-revolutionary time when our country was feeding the whole world."

Andrey Ryumshin, a minister of agriculture of the Crimea, reported that "the Crimea is participating in the "Agrorus’" for the first time and presents its products, we have been going to this for five years. Just today, the Ministry of agriculture of the Crimea signed an agreement on the supply of agricultural products of the region to Russia."

Sergey Voronkov, a general director of “Expoforum-International”, invited everyone to “Agrorus’” fair which will be held on August 17-25 at the congress and exhibition center and wished successful work to the participants of the exhibition.

At the end of the festive opening ceremony, the delegation of honored guests conducted an official tour around the exhibition. The delegation was shown a variety of products and achievements of the Leningrad province and the Crimea. Exhibitors came up with creative presentations of own production: songs, sports and folk dances, tasting. At the Vyborg district’s stand, Roman Markov, the vice-governor of the Leningrad province government, prepared "Vyborg omelet" according to the patriotic recipe: eggs by the factory "Roskar", milk by the factory "Losevo" and ... a little heather honey from Vyborg beekeepers.

Familiarity with the exhibition showed that the import substitution of food products has clearly strengthened the agronomic-industrial complex of Russia. The representative of poultry farm "Sinyavinskaya" (Kirov region) told that the export of Russian chicken eggs increased by 50% in 2018. Export is proceeded to the Arab countries; South-east Asia is a unique precedent for the Russian producer.

Agricultural firm "Concord" (Tosnensky district) presented recently released premium products from turkey meat, and peasant farm of Kirishi district – the so-called "marble beef".

The exhibition "Agrorus’" will work from 10th to 12th of July and will demonstrate the achievements of small, medium and large forms of agriculture.

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