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Couples Brought Together by Cupid and Psyche in EXPOFORUM

An unusual romantic evening took place on February 14. A unique gastro-aroma-video-immersive show inspired with a poetic legend about the love of Goddess Venus’ son to Psyche, a lovely girl, came to an end with the public’s applause.

The announced format of the event intrigued those present at once. A pre-premiere excitement was in the air.

At the entrance gorgeous Cupids with arrows met the guests. From the first minutes, the characters of Greek mythology coming alive set the spirit of a festival and invited everyone to the world of surprises and unexplored experiences.

The doors to the hall opened. The sounds of the orchestra tuning up. Bypassing a row of candles the audience took their seats at the tables in subdued lighting. The compere’s voice sounded... and magic began. The compere invited the audience to join him in an incredible journey where musical paintings prefaced exclusive aromas, haute cuisine dishes and drinks.

The oratorio music was composed specifically for the show by Murat Kabardokov, a young, but already famous composer. The libretto consisted of 7 parts based on the myth about Cupid and Psyche put to the lyrics of great poets: Derzhavin, Pushkin, Severyanin, Heine, Pasternak, Mayakovsky... Each episode symbolized 7 states of love. As the event progressed, the optical paintings changed to complete the harmony of the musical oratory.

The composer personally played the grand piano. The brilliant Tavrichesky International Symphony Orchestra led by Mikhail Golikov, a People’s Artist of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, graced the stage. The music range of the piece was wide enough — from acapella choral singing to jazz melodies.

Maitre Mikhail Golikov shared that it had been his dream for a long time to combine the high music art with haute gastronomy and perfumery. There is some risk in any experiment, but then again, here comes a pleasant result. Such premieres remain memorable forever.

Chefs and the team of Caramel Catering are the rightful creators of a unique show as well. Each item in the menu was to add a savoury flair to the procedure on stage, and the show of a delivery impressed. Scallop with pearl-like caviar, sea foam and oyster leaves made their appearance on tables during the first episode of the oratorio — The Sacrament of Craft — to symbolize the birth of Psyche. Charcoal prawns with a spicy Japanese sauce ‘illustrated’ the part called Requiem for Separation about overcoming obstacles. The vanilla mousse with edamame beans and cherry coulis was served to celebrate the happy ending of the story. Each dish was accompanied with a drink specially selected by a sommelier.

A gift set of unique formula aromas from the French concern GIVAUDAN became a striking bonus to complete the experience from the entire event and to create some pleasant memories about the evening. Woody scent of a patchouli mix with a flair of bitter chocolate, earth, autumn leaves and animal musk discovered the passionate part — Psyche Marvelling, and a smokey flair of vetiver softened with coffee to make the aroma meditative and comforting was to embody the final part of the oratorio — Designation.

It is difficult to say who became the chief magician of the evening — the author of the oratorio, the conductor, the chef, the perfumer, the lighting designer or the sound designer. Every element of the show was aimed to create a cohesive and incredible image of an impressive love story. 

“It’s the opportunities of the EXPOFORUM that have led us to this experiment,” Sergey Voronkov, author of the idea and libretto and Chief Executive Officer of ExpoForum International, says. “A unique complex with a unique set of tools and technologies invites to hold the events that have an effect on all the senses of the audience, create unmatched experience and leave a lasting impression. Well, and what can be more important than a story about love between a man and a woman. That’s what our show was about.”

The exclusive posh format of the event left the most pleasant impression. Some viewers noted unusual serving, others — a gorgeous combination of music and lyrics. Everyone noted the upscale level of organization for such an immersive show and said that they would like to attend an event of such a format again.

“There is a well-known saying about ‘own tastes’. Creators of the Cupid and Psyche immersive show in EXPOFORUM added some aromas and flavors to reach perfection. Despite the saying, it was for everyone’s tastes!” Sergey Yaroshetsky, a guest of the show and Editor-in-Chief of Adresa Peterburga journal, noted.

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