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More than three thousand dogs will come to the ExpoForum exhibition!

On February 26-27, the largest thematic exhibition in the North-West “City of Dogs” will take place at the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre. The best representatives of their breeds steal hearts of residents and guests of the Northern capital with their tricks, cute muzzles and even dances!

As part of the event, an international all-breed dog show of the CACIB-FCI rank will be held. Experts from 6 countries: Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Serbia, Russia and Belarus will choose the best representatives of the breed. Visitors will be able to communicate with breeders and agree on the purchase of puppies, as well as decide on the choice of the breed of the future pet.

On February 27, the Simuran club, together with the Sports Federation of Cynological Sports, will hold “Naughty Games” and agility tunnel competitions for dogs.

Besides, visitors will have an opportunity to buy high-quality food, toys and accessories for their pets. The exhibition will feature well-known brands such as Pronature, Karma, Clan, INABA, the chain of stores Four Paws, Jupiter and others.

The “Wind of Change” shelter festival will work all days. Everyone will have a chance to give a pet a home or support the shelter financially. Volunteers will not only help you choose a dog or cat, but also tell you about the rules of animal care. In addition, the “Wind of Change” organizes a number of events for visitors of all ages. There will be lectures on responsible attitude to animals, as well as original workshops on making amulets from hay, the Decoupage technique, creating a magical Mary Poppins umbrella and pasta beads.

As part of the “Wind of Change” festival, visitors will learn about the card file of blood donors for animals, what to do if they find a homeless pet, how to choose homestay for pets and not make a mistake, and much more.

The “City of Dogs” exhibition will be waiting for you with your pets! To do this, you must provide a pet vaccination certificate.

Tickets can be purchased on the website:

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Since March 4, it is allowed to attend congress and exhibition events in St. Petersburg without presenting a QR code
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