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From 17th to 19th September 2020 in the congressional-exhibition centre “Expoforum” XVI International exhibition-congress “HCS of Russia” was held, along with the exhibition “Ecology of a big city” and the forum “Ecology of a metropolis”. The events were directed by the discussion of questions of repairs and exploitation of the housing fund, resettlement of emergency housing, landscaping of territory, control of waste and guarding an environment visited by over 1,000 people.

Participants in the ceremonial opening ceremony were: Vladimir Katenev, deputy of the State Duma FC RF, president of the Council of St. Petersburg trade-industry chambers; Mikhail Lobin, general director of executive directorates, first vice-president UIE St. Petersburg; Ivan Serebritskii, deputy president of the Committee on nature management, the protection of the environment and provision of ecological safety, Sergei Kupchenko, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, member of the permanent commission on ecology and nature management; Dmitrii Nikitin, general director LLC “EA “RESTEK”; Denis Kravchenko, deputy of the State Duma FC RF and Sergei Voronkov, general director of “Expoforum-International”.

Ivan Serebritskii, deputy president of the Committee on nature protection, the protection of the environment and provision of ecological safety, greeted those gathered, in the name of the president of the Committee, Denis Belyaev: “Our town, is characteristic not only for its unique nature and nearness to the Baltic Sea, but also for it’s developing industry and transport infrastructure, therefore we simply must give maximal attention to the question of the improvement of the quality of the towns surroundings. I hope that the area will become a place of constructive dialogue and your suggestions and recommendations will be collected in practice, will serve to strengthen global ecological safety”.

The activities of the joint exhibition in the pavilion demonstrated the correlation of projects and ideas – technical and engineering products and services directed at improving lives in megatropoles, using and developing energy – and eco friendly technology were presented as an essential point of modern life. The general square of the exhibition is 1,005m2. There were participants from more than 20 companies from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rybinsk, Kurgan, Perm, Orel, Belgorod, Ekaterinburg, Kotelnikoy and other cities.

The main direction of activity of the “Ural factory deicing materials” is the development and introduction of a new view of effective and ecological safe deicing materials of a new generation, which are stamped with “Bionord”, a composition which is approved by the leading scientific-research institute of Russia. The factory of games and sports equipment “DiKom” (in Podolsk) wassituated in the pavilion game square with a play area. All the details of the area from the factory “DiKom” are made from ecologically clean and safe materials, tested at high intensity. The production companyPK Broadway (St. Petersburg),proudly presented a sweeping-harvesting principle, intended for effective high-speed road cleaning. It seems that St Petersburg schools, after the pandemic, specifically demanded noncontact antivandalable sanitiser from the company Next (Ekaterinburg),calculated for one million uses, it scans the size of the hand and measures the necessary dose of solution.

The business program of the exhibition-congress “HCS of Russia” in the forum “Ecology of a metropolis”, is a unique platform for solving many questions: the protection of the environment in surrounding cities, exploitation of the housing fund and engineering system, successful practical execution of capital repairs, innovative approaches to automation. In the complex, 11 events were held, within the framework of congress parts.

One of the most discussed themes became addressing the waste from industry and consumption – experts literally discussed the current situation and perspectives on development of the system from beginning to end, trying to find a general compromise.

“It is desirable that regional powers accept responsibility in full and credibility of the territorial data schemes with a view to reimbursing regional operators for lost profit from the use of this data in calculating their finance model”, – Sergei Sanne expressed a hope for a regional general organisation “EKOS”.

The main thing from the meeting “Topical questions on cleaning sewage water in objects of transport” was the famous quote from Anton Pavlovich Chekhov: “something is clean, not when it has been cleaned, but when it was never dirty!”.

A different path was taken by participants of the conference “Ecology of a towns surroundings: successful experience in solving the problem of ecology in Europe’s capitals. Practical applications for RF”. They discussed the popularisation of ecological consciousness, in particular amongst the young generation, by means of art, use of fashion collections, creative videos and direct dialogue with businesses. A high energy efficiency of residential buildings – mainly for the comfort of residents. The experts, gathered in the conference Organisation of energy efficient capital repairs”, which looked at the problem of industries and embodied in the life rushed cases, came to this conclusion.

The overt interest of listeners was raised by the session “Digitalisation of HCS. Management of multiple-apartment homes. Atomisation of the process in management companies, RSO and RKC” Aleksei Bondarev, the general director of LLC “Decast”: “This theme raises many questions and arguments. Even the term “smart” meters – everyone has their own understanding in connection to an absence of clear GOSTs for data production, –the speaker highlighted. –In Europe appliances accounted already for a longtime connected to a wireless system of data collection, but the collection of users is produced internally. In Russia various protocols are also used to collect data, wherein the next step in automation is already being introduced – placed automatic base stations are being placed in homes, with the ability to collect data from a meter and pass it on to the correct company”.


In its turn, a partner of the forum, “Ecology of megatropolis”, the company EcoStandard group, (Moscow) ran two interactive programs: “People in the megatropolis. Ecological aspects to life in the big city” and “Healthy spaces for live and work”. Under the aegis of the International specialisation of the exhibition “HCS Russia” the Centre of business contacts” functioned, where large companies and customers, interested in new supplies of trade and services, useful for industry HCS, participated. Amongst the participants: TheCommittee for landscaping St. Petersburg, the Fund of foreign and educational program groups “POCNANO”, housing agencies, management companies in St. Petersburg, Kazan, Veliky Novgorod, Izhevsk, Novocheboksarsk, construction companies and regional housing companies of service in St. Petersburg. In the end there were more than 700 partitions. The event received high marks both on the side of suppliers, and on the side of potential buyers of HCS.

It is worth noting that parallel with XVI International exhibition-congress “HCS of Russia”, the exhibition “Ecology of a big city” and forum “Ecology of a metropolis” in Expoforum, the St. Petersburg technical market, international exhibition of innovation HI-TECH and St Petersburg’s industry congress were also held.

XX International forum “Ecology of a big city” will be held on 23–25th March 2021

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