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A precious fairytale: the opening of the Junwex Petersburg 2020 exhibition

From 5 to 9 February, the Expoforum convention and exhibition centre will host one of St. Petersburg’s most exquisite events.

Since 2015, tens of thousands of people have visited the annual Junwex event in the Expoforum convention and exhibition centre. These are primarily representatives of the professional community - last year alone, 9,792 business contacts were established, and the number of participants rose by 500. Then there are the visitors - the main judges of beauty - who follow the latest trends and innovations in jewellery and watch fashion.

This is where you can find out about the most dazzling accessories and purchase the ones you like. This year, more than 650 participants from all over Russia and even abroad, will present their works to guests of the 27th Junwex exhibition.

The brightest and best-known representatives of the jewellery industry gathered for the opening ceremony of the event. Alexander Chamovskikh, director of the Jewellers’ Guild of the Urals, owner of the jewellery holding JFCarat and the CHAMOVSKIKH brand, wished everyone success at the event, active development, inspiration and success in their beloved art.


Kirill Dvoretsky, deputy director general for operational Expoforum International for operations, welcomed guests and participants on behalf of the convention and exhibition centre. ‘We are proud that such a grandiose event as Junwex sets its own standard and example for holding events. This is also the first exhibition to be held in our convention and exhibition centre in 2020. I wish you all effective and fruitful work.’

According to Sergey Vedovsky, president of the ‘Russian Jewelry Trade’ club, despite difficult times, the exhibition remains popular and successful.  ‘This is where the major representatives are. Participants present their wonderful collections and judging by these collections, we can say without a doubt that the art of jewellery is moving forward.’ - noted the club’s leader.

Olga Budnaya, director general of the Russian information and analytical agency RosYuvelirExpert and organiser of Junwex Petersburg 2020, noted that very soon a series of celebrations awaits us all and this is another reason why the residents of St. Petersburg are excited about Junwex: ‘The most interesting, unique and diverse collections are on display here. We have no doubt that the exhibition will provide a wealth of positive emotions and, of course, outstanding results, for participants and visitors alike.

The Junwex Petersburg 2020 exhibition willbe held in pavilions F, G and E until 9 February inclusive.

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