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Two exhibitions – one beginning

Two major trade fairs were opened on August 17 in Expoforum: Agrorus and 'Beloved India' trade fair of Indian goods. Despite different range of products and national characteristics, these events are united by one beginning – the love of festive fair traditions, the desire to preserve cultural traditions.

This year, Agrorus and Beloved India were united by one more thing: a modern trend for a healthy lifestyle, that echoes with Ayurveda – a traditional Indian system of folk medicine.

At the Russian trade fair, it is noticeable by the interest of visitors at the 'cheese' stands: cheese factory of Alexander Nevsky Lavra, Sobolev Cheese, Fromagerie d'Origine by Medovoe farm – at each stand, there are buyers crowding which are fun tasting cheeses and interested in compounds. By the way, in the monastery cheeses, microbial enzyme is used instead of animal rennet which is very important for vegetarians. At 'Beloved India' visitors choose several sorts of chavanprash from different manufacturers – Ayurvedic drug that is well-known as the elixir of life.

It seems very difficult for honey or Indian incense producers to surprise the customers. But at Agrorus trade-fair, you can taste and buy a rare sort of sainfoin white honey (sainfoin is a perennial herb, growing in steppe, forest-steppe and forest climate zones). This kind of honey is recognized by gourmets as one of the most delicious.

Rare Tibetan incense – sang – can be also bought at the Beloved India trade exhbition. The wide range of incense sticks will also surprise – you can find coconut and amber, rosemary and acacia.

The unique dietary black cumin, amaranth and thistle oils, Indian Ayurvedic immunomodulator Shilajit, compact medical equipment, bright Indian jewelry, and aromatic oils – all of this could be seen, tried and purchased at Expoforum until August 25.

As it should be at trade fairs – there is not only a simple shopping: sellers creatively attracte visitors, buyers excitedly trade with sellers, and the music program pleases all participants of the fair process. Folk singer Lubamira, Indian drum tabla and desi, Indian entertaining dances will please those who will come not only for shopping, but also to spend time.

Admission to the exhibition is free.

Agrorus trade fair, pavilion G, from 10 to 19, August 17–25.

Beloved India trade-exhibition, pavilion F, from 10 to 19, August 17–25.

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