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ExpoForum has become the official partner of ICCA

The status of the “Association Relations Partner” of the International Congress and Conference Association (ICCA) opens up new opportunities for ExpoForum to promote on the international arena.

Due to obtaining the status of a “Partner” under the Association Relations Partner program, the company will be able to attract world rotated congresses to Expoforum venue and strengthen the image of a reliable service provider in the international market.

Expoforum was built taking into account real market demands and specific event riders. Now it is the only complex in Russia built with regard to the best world practices and specifically for holding world congresses. Until 2023, 10 world rotated congresses have been won. Our goal is to host 5–6 events of this scale per year”, says Sergey Voronkov, General Director of ExpoForum International.

ICCA was founded in 1963. Today it brings together 950 professional service companies and organizing international events from 88 countries of the world. Each year, the Association organizes various courses, workshops and conferences to improve the professional skills of its members.

ExpoForum International became a member of ICCA in 2011. In 2013, the Summer Session of the ICCA Central European Chapter was held at Lenexpo, where for the first time in St. Petersburg 80 industry experts from Austria, Germany, Holland, Great Britain, and Switzerland, Poland, Russia and other countries.

Opening of “MedIn 2019”: Healthy Cities and a Healthy Society
On October 22, the St. Petersburg International Medical and Pharmaceutical Forum “Medical Industry” was opened in the Expoforum Convention and Exhibition center.
Fashion Industry Opened at Fashionable Expoforum
On October 9 the International Fashion Industry Trade Fair opened its doors at Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre.
BLUE CORRIDOR – GAS INTO ENGINES 2019 came to finish at ExpoForum
The International Rally BLUE CORRIDOR – GAS INTO ENGINES 2019 that had started on August 29 in Turkey, triumphantly came to finish on October 3 at St. Petersburg International Gas Forum.

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