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EXPOFORUM Enters into Partnership with Meteorologists

On 9 April, ExpoForum International and the Russian Society of Hydrometeorology signed a memorandum for long-term partnership. The document includes plans for cooperation in organising and holding the forum and exhibition entitled “Weather. Climate. Water / ERS / Green Economy” at EXPOFORUM.

The document was signed by Sergey Voronkov, CEO of ExpoForum International and Alexander Bedritsky, President of the Russian Hydrometeorological Society (RHMS). This is the first such agreement between ExpoForum International and the RHMS.

The International Forum and Exhibition “Weather. Climate. Water” is one of the world’s largest exhibitions of instruments, systems, equipment and services in the field of hydrometeorology, hydrology and environmental monitoring. Every two years, about 150 companies from 20 countries take part in the event, presenting cutting-edge developments in the field of green economy, hydrometeorology, environmental monitoring, remote sensing and observations of the Earth.

During the signing ceremony, Sergey Voronkov said that the problem in meteorology was of global importance, and taking into account all modern realities, we need to put forth a conscious effort to organise various events in this industry. “Our venues have long been successfully working on the project of the Forum dedicated to hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring, as well as on the exhibition “Weather. Climate. Water / ERS / Green Economy”. Since 2017, the event has been held at EXPOFORUM. We are happy that the opening of the best convention and exhibition centre in Europe has helped organisers to expand the event programme, reach a qualitatively new level and create a project that is one of the largest in the industry”, he said.

The goal of the RHMS is to bring together the entire community and find opportunities for a dialog with state authorities, private companies and departmental organisations. We are trying to create a venue where we could hold discussions, and EXPOFORUM is an ideal place to help us put our plans into practice”, Alexander Bedritsky said.

The International Forum and Exhibition “Weather. Climate. Water / ERS / Green Economy” will take place in EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre on 9–10 October 2019. For more information on the project, go to

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