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The intelligent approach to armament and security

Unmanned systems and means of protecting airspace, small arms and the latest components for it, novelties of armor protection and emergency medicine, as well as domestic IT developments were presented in St. Petersburg.

Getting acquainted with the most relevant solutions for the purposes of the Ministry of Defense, the Russian Guard, the Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Interior Affairs, as well as other services, is possible these days at the Exhibition of advanced technologies for ensuring the security of individuals, society and the state «EXPOTEKHNOSTRAZH. The Day of Advanced Technologies», which takes place at the venue of the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre on April 03–05.

The Exhibition is organized by the Federal Service of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation and the Government of St. Petersburg, the Exhibition operator is EF International LLC.

So, key products of the present time – unmanned systems and electronic protection equipment – are presented by over a dozen exhibitors. For example, at the joint stand of the State Corporation «Rostec» (created by the national exhibition operator ANO «NVO» (National Exhibition Operator), part of the State Corporation), the Group of Companies «Unmanned Systems» displays its developments. There are two models to be exhibited: the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Supercam S350 and Supercam X4. «The first one is an aircraft-type UAV. It is designed for surveillance, reconnaissance and objective control, provides streaming video (the payload is a controlled camera of the visible spectrum and far-wave infrared radiation). The range is 200 km. Earlier it was applied for civil purposes, now it is used for military ones. The second thing is a copter-type UAV, able to be used for approximately the same purposes, but its range is shorter, up to 7 km», commented Aleksey Gavrilyuk, a representative of the Group of Companies «Unmanned Systems».

Besides aerial drones, the «Rostec» stand demonstrates reconnaissance devices made by JSC «Shvabe», in particular portable reconnaissance devices equipped by the thermal imager, the thermal imaging channel and the rangefinder, as well as the short-range and long-range reconnaissance complex designed by the «Astron» Design Bureau (part of JSC «Shvabe»), equipped with the intellectual analytics system «Blockpost» to be currently applied on the front line. «It consists of the ground part and the remote control. It can work due to a twisted pair or via a radio channel», said a representative of the company. In addition, the short-wave infrared camera is displayed at the stand. «The device allows detecting people in adverse weather conditions, helping in search and rescue operations. This is a serial sample», explained representatives of JSC «Shvabe».

In turn, JSC «Concern Sozvezdie», a subcidiary of «Rostec», presented a prototype of the digital radio communication complex with its coverage area of up to 30 km, which consists of the base station and dispatch equipment.

JSC «Kalashnikov Concern» has presented the line of unmanned systems. So, the Concern’s subsidiary, the Scientific Production Assosiation (NPO) «Izhevsk Unmanned Systems», demonstrated reconnaissance UAVs «Granat 1», «Tachyon» and «Granat 4». According to Ramil Sharafiev, the NGO representative, «Granat 1», the smallest member of the family, is controlled by the ground station, and can fly for about an hour and a half at the altitude up to 1,000 m. Its tasks are photos and videos.

The larger device with the same functions is «Tachyon». «We can change the load on the thermal imaging camera, so the device can work at night, as well. The flight time is 2 hours, the range is up to 40 km», comments Ramil Sharafiev. «Granat 4» belongs to the group of the largest drones. «It is based on KAMAZ-4350, where the operators are. The continuous flight is 8 hours, the altitude is up to 2,000 m, the range is about 70 km», said the representative of the company.

The «Kalashnikov» exposition would be incomplete without a variety of modern small arms. «This weapon has been tested by time itself, it is continuously being improved and is always in demand. For example, the latest generation of machine guns of the Ratnik and AK-19 series, as well as new pistols and submachine guns», commented Georgy Gubich, the company’s representative.

And, for making the weapon more accurate, you can equip it with the upgrade kit. Just such products are manufactured by «IPK New Technologies» LLC under the trademark CNC Guns Custom TM. «The standard weapons can be equipped with upgrade kit that allows fixing sights, thermal imaging devices, etc., and then carry out high-precision shooting», said Damir Shafikov, CEO of the company. According to him, the company also produces muzzle brake compensators of closed type to muffle the sound of a shot and make it possible not to give out the shooter’s location, as well as target complexes for training.

In turn, «MERCURY-PRO» LLC has presented a wide range of specialized devices for shooters (sights, thermal imaging surveillance devices and specialized devices). «There are devices that have no analogues, for example, the RPG thermal imager. The ballistic calculator for snipers also stands out in our line. This tool is useful for training. For professional users who need to calculate temperature and humidity, there are calculators equipped with the weather station. The laser radiation detector that allows identifying whether the shooter is at gunpoint is also on display. And, of course, we produce the sights themselves», explained the company’s representative.

Next to small arms, JSC «NII Stali» (Research Institute of Steel), a subsidiary of «Kalashnikov», demonstrates a wide range of protective helmets, in particular the titanium helmet with aramid support «Bars-L», which weighs 1.9 kg, has the shatterproof resistance of 700–720 m/s, and Protection Class 2 for Armored Garments (it provides protection from bullets fired from the CP-1 pistol – Serdyukov pistol), the welded helmet «Elbrus-T» made of titanium alloy, as well as the combined helmet P-26 made of molecular polyethylene and aramid, etc.

In the range of innovations, there is also the armored bag that can unfold and protect a person, for example a VIP, from bullet wounds and explosions, as well as the shatterproof blanket with its shatterproof resistance of 450 m/s, to be designed for protecting both humans and equipment.

But let’s return to the drones. The stand of the Kazan enterprise JSC «Enix» attracts attention. In particular, it is about aerial reconnaissance complexes with short-range unmanned aerial vehicles «Aileron-7» and T-16. «The smallest complex, «Aileron-7», starts due to the pneumatic catapult, and uses the lithium battery. It can stay in the air for up to 4 hours, and lands by parachute. Its payload is the television and thermal imaging camera. The T-16 UAV can stay in the air for up to 7 hours, and its optical system is more advanced», stated Sergey Vaskov, a specialist of «Enix» JSC. According to him, the intelligence devices are currently supplied to the Ministry of Defense and other law enforcement agencies.

The coaxial aircraft of the «Oduvanchik» series is presented by «ATRI» JSC. «This project is 2 years old. At the Exhibition, we display the model «Oduvanchik 3», as well as the container «Ampel» designed for storing its charg device, launching and landing of the drone. The advantage of a coaxial drone is its all-weather capability, it can withstand strong winds (18–20 m/s) and heavy rains. Its task is monitoring the surface, but functions can be determined by the customer», informed Ruslan Lyapin, Deputy General Director for Development of «ATRI» JSC.  According to him, a series of coaxial «Oduvanchik» will be soon sent for the needs of the Federal Forestry Agency (Rosleskhoz).

The Izhevsk company «AEROSCAN» LLC has presented a whole line of unmanned aerial vehicles of the airplane and helicopter type, under the ZALA brand.

Developing unmanned technologies goes hand in hand with means of protection against them. So, anti-drone complexes and thermal imaging sights are exhibited by «Videofon MV» JSC and its subsidiary structure IWT. At the company’s stand, several areas of dual-use products are presented. «For example, products from the lines of anti-drone equipment will allow finding, detecting and tracking the target with its further suppression. IWT mobile equipment, including that for specialized vehicles, is used for various combat missions. Thermal imaging equipment (observation instruments, thermal imaging attachments, sighting complexes) and remote-type surveillance complexes for monitoring at a distance of up to 150 m are also on display», noted Sergey Bukolov, Deputy General Director of «Videofon MV» JSC.

St. Petersburg-based «NPC RKIS» LLC (part of JSC «Technopark of St. Petersburg») is engaged in protecting airspace from UAVs (the system of jamming unmanned vehicles «ZIP» or the system of false targets and masking «Mirage», etc.), and manufactures unmanned aerial vehicles and products for combating electromagnetic radiation by using the Faraday fabric, which can make a person or an equipment invisible to detection devices. According to the company’s representative, RKIS products have already been delivered to the kine of contact. «We occupy a leading position in our field, 80–90% of the equipment used in our systems is domestic», comments the representative of «NPC RKIS».

At the stand of Moscow-based «Oruzheinaya Palata» LLC (brand «Nitro Express»), the complex of drone detection and suppression systems called «Zmei Gorynych» is presented. It can be operated both on the automobile base and stationarily. «Today, the most urgent thing is detecting and suppressing unmanned aerial vehicles. First, the systems «Ekho» and «Filin» detect an UAV, and then the radio suppression systems neutralize it», explained the company’s experts. Besides, samples of hand-held anti-drone guns are put on display.

JSC «Kobra» has demonstrated equipment for suppressing cellular communications, and the complex for suppressing UAVs of quadcopter-type. «We have the widest line of communication suppression systems in the range from 20 MHz to 13,000 MHz», said the company’s representatives at the stand.

JSC «KEMZ» has showed a sample of the radio-controlled machine gun installation based on the platform «Shershen», as well as the MGR-4 «Shmel» robotic humanitarian demining complex, which is based on the ANT «Shmel» mini-loader, and has already been mass-produced. «During the year, we tested it on the proving grounds, as well as took it to the DPR and the LPR. This device is designed for neutralizing anti-personnel mines in civilian neighborhoods», said Dmitry Lyubushkin, Head of the Advertising Bureau of JSC «KEMZ».

Under sanctions pressure and the departure of Western IT giants, domestic developers present more than ever relevant innovations. The system integrator «RAMEK-VS» together with the developer «SAFIB» have demonstrated the software and hardware complex «Assistant» for secure remote access, which operates on the basis of the domestic server. «This is completely Russian hardware, Russian software for corporate networks. Moreover, these products ensure information security of the enterprise», informed Vitaly Pankratov, Deputy Director for Project Management at «SAFIB».

Domestic computer calculating equipment and devices, including servers, laptops and medical displays for remote locations and telemedicine racks, pre-trip inspection devices, are presented by «ICL Techno» LLC. «Our medical equipment can be easily integrated with other medical equipment: endoscopy, monitors, etc.», specified Arthur Nagimov, the company’s system engineer, medical capabilities of the developments.

High-tech security guards are on display at the stand of St. Petersburg-based «ISB.A» LLC, which specializes in developing and producing automated inspection systems for transport, bulky baggage and cargo. For the exposition, the company has presented a model of the inspection complex for trucks, and a working sample of the mobile inspection complex. «These inspection complexes with X-ray machines are used for critical infrastructure facilities and customs terminals. The mobile complex is more narrowly focused and suitable for operational work», said Igor Skorodumov, CEO of «ISB.A» LLC.

A whole group of Russian companies have demonstrated reliable innovative armor garments. For example, «BRONEPLAST» LLC produces armor for both body armor garments (concealed and modular) and equipment. «Here we present ballistic anti-fragmentation plates. These plates are suitable for wheeled, tracked, marine and aircraft vehicles because they are lightweight and very durable. The main material for manufacturing the protective plates is ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)», told Dmitry Peshkov, Director for Development at «BRONEPLAST» LLC, us about their products. According to him, the company constantly upgrades the protection systems.

JSC «NPP KLASS» has presented the latest armor vest. «It has been upgraded given all the nuances of the experience that our guys receive in course of the Special Military Operation (SVO). New trends in ergonomics and protection modules have been taken into account, as well», said Anton Sikorsky, the company’s expert. At the stand, one can also get acquainted with a prototype of the new helmet made of polyethylene, equipped with the integrated protection module and anti-shatter glasses. «Anti-shatter suits are currently under development», added Anton Sikorsky.

One of leading domestic developers and manufacturers of personal protective equipment is CJSC «Kirasa». The company has presented samples of individual combat equipment for needs of the Ministry of Defense, the Federal Security Service and other law enforcement agencies of Russia. «Among our developments, there are protective glasses and anti-shatter suits. Most of injuries are caused by shatters, in which limbs suffer. We try to mitigate this problem», explained Stanislav Kudryashov, Head of the profile department at CJSC «Kirasa».

The line of aramid bullet-resistant helmets, shockproof and fire helmets, as well as protective plates and shields are placed on the compact stand of «OMNITEK-N» LLC. Innovations and technologies in bulletproof equipment, ballistic materials and armor compositions are presented by «FORT Tekhnologiya» JSC. JSC «Scientific and Production Association of Special Materials» has presented not only means of individual armor protection. The association creates, first of all, systems of engineering protection of important state facilities and enterprises, as well as comprehensive technical solutions aimed at combating terrorism.

The means of emergency medicine to be needed by a person in case of serious injuries and wounds are demonstrated at the Exhibition by JSC «Medius» and LLC «Medplant». «We manufacture products for first medical aid, emergency medical care and ambulance service. Our stand presents developments and serial products, including those intended for tactical medicine: the hemostatic tourniquet, the immobilization belt, the cardiopulmonary resuscitation indicator and the first aid kit, stretchers and shields», informed representatives of «Medplant».

The equipped site for the DOSAAF civil defense competitions for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region has become the real centre of attraction, which hosted laser tag and airsoft competitions.

«We wanted to demonstrate a modern DOSAAF. We have divided the stand into tactical and business zones. Our marine school and motorcycle track are represented here, tactical shooting all-around competitions are held, and in the business zone, there is our stand of the unified multifunctional centre for training citizens to defend the Motherland for children and adults», said Natalia Soldatenkova, the organization’s press secretary.

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