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Young Football Players Fought for Lenexpo&Expoforum Cup

On December 1-2, trainees of the St. Petersburg affiliate of the All-Russian Footbolika School and the specialized school of Zenit Academy fought for the Champion Cup on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Lenexpo and the 10th anniversary of Expoforum.

This weekend, the football pitches of Lenexpo hosted 24 teams of young sportsmen. The boys played seriously – every game lasted 25 minutes, some matches were won with a score of at least 12:0.

“I will fight for first place. I’ve caught two balls already,” the eight-year-old goalkeeper of Zenit-Avtovo said. It’s the second competition for the team, though already successful: at the end of the day, the team received its deserved gold medal.

During breaks between games, the boys were instructed by parents and coaches. “Artem! ‘Fleeced by referee’ is idle talk. Have you made any goals? No! Try harder,” a father explained to his son from the team that had lost. Discussions of the coach could be heard in another corner: “Yes, today we have a weaker opponent. But it just means that we should hone moves, snatch balls, and sharpen skills.” Who knows, the future owner of the golden boot may have left the Lenexpo pitch this weekend.

The Tchaika children circus ensemble of the Krasnoselsk Students Activity Center and the ONLINE drummer group of Gymnasium No. 586 of the Vasileostrovsky District performed for football players and spectators.

Based on the results of the two days, prizes were destined to be distributed as follows:

December 1, 2018


1st place – Zenit Avtovo-1

2nd place – Zenit Admiralteisky-1

3rd place – Zenit Vasileostrovsky-1



1st place – Zenit Kalininsky-2

2nd place – Zenit Kalininsky-1

3rd place – Zenit Admiralteisky-2



1st place – Zenit Avtovo-2

2nd place – Zenit Vasileostrovsky-2

3rd place – Sports School of Olympic Reserve, Kirovsky District


December 2

Final 1


1st place – Footbolika. Vsevolozhsk-2 Select Team

2nd place – Pushki (Kudrovo)



1st place – PUSHKIN

2nd place – Vasileostrovskiye Lvy



1st place – DNEVNICHOK (Vasilievsky Island)

2nd place – Novolitovskaya Kometa


Final 2


1st place – Footbolika. Select Team 2013

2nd place – Belosnezhka & 7 Gnomov



1st place – Vsevolozhsk-1 Select Team

2nd place – Kolpino-City



1st place – Tsarskoe Selo

2nd place – Novolitovskie Zvezdy


Organizer of competitions – ExpoForum-International.

Sponsored by Gazprombank JSC

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