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How Reality and Virtuality Came Together at LIKEE PARTY

LIKEE PARTY, a unique festival for children and teenagers, fans of the social network LIKEE, will take place in Expoforum on 4 and 5 January.

This popular video platform, created by BIGO Technology (Singapore), has already attracted more than 13 million users in Russia, and has been recognized as one of the most popular music and video communities for young people.

The popularity of the party in Pavilion F was clear to see from the more than 6,000 tickets purchased; the huge numbers of people wanting to get into the special “streaming” zone, where they could hold live events; and the happiness of those who managed to get a photo with their favorite bloggers after standing in a long line.

Top LIKEE bloggers Milana Nekrasova, Nastya Kosh, Adisovna and Masey presented their concert performances. The party's guests got involved and sang along and tore up the huge dance floor.

The unique combination of the real and the virtual was a success.

LIKEE PARTY will be repeated on 5 January. The program includes performances by Doktor Mol and Jarry, gifts, interactive zones, photo zones and live-streamed meetings with LIKEE users – you still have time.

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