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RariTEK Holding released the first mobile car refueling station

On 1 October, as part of SPIGF 2019, the company introduced the first Russian remote fueling tanker designed by the group of companies this year.

It is a 16 m3 tank.  This amount of liquefied methane is enough to refuel 50 units of equipment: trucks, buses, tractors, etc. The tank is completely autonomous, it can be moved to any location where gas filling is required.

In addition to the gas station, RariTEK showed a cryogenic fuel tank, which is installed on large machinery, and a turboexpander, which converts natural gas into a liquid one in the workplace.

The development of the gas transport is a very important and promising area, said Rinat Khairulin, Head of the Advertising and Public Relations Department of the holding. First of all, it will positively affect the preservation of the environment and fuel savings. Therefore, we can expect a higher interest in gas engine machinery in the near future.

The company RariTEK has been engaged in the design and manufacture of gas engine vehicles and spare parts for enterprises and individuals for 17 years. Organisations can order gas-fired specialised equipment, and the company installs gas engines on passenger cars. In addition, the holding provides after-sales service for this equipment.

MEGUSTRO: A Tasty Extravaganza
On 5 November, in the Expoforum convention and exhibition centre, work began at "Megustro"; the main event of the restaurant market for chefs and restaurant owners.
«Оно» и «Джокер» всё-таки встретятся: бродячий цирк стал главной темой фестиваля «Старкон: Хэллоуин»
Что такое Старкон​: Хэллоуин?​ Семейный парк развлечений в стиле странствующих цирков США. Гостей ждёт 10 интерактивных стендов и зловещих декораций, карнавал, 500 участников в образах любимых персонажей, уникальная тематическая ярмарка, кинопоказы фильмов, общение с художниками и блогерами, выступления фокусников, жонглеров и акробатов.
Second St Petersburg International Science and Education Show at ‘Lenexpo’
From 25 to 27 October, the Second Saint Petersburg International Science and Education Show took place at the congress and exhibition centre ‘Lenexpo’. This is a huge event exhibiting the educational and innovative activity of the city’s educational organisations.

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