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Consuls visit World New Year family entertainment park

The World New Year Family Entertainment Park in EXPOFORUM welcomed representatives of consulates accredited in St. Petersburg. Guests from India, Israel, Finland, UK, and Switzerland toured the park and learned about New Year’s and Christmas traditions from different countries of the world. Then, they attended the musical show Lukomorye, based on the tales of Alexander Pushkin.


Mr. Arun Kumar Sharma, Consul General of India, noted that the park was very well organized. “The atmosphere is festive, the event is colorful and interesting, children and adults will all enjoy it. Country areas have a great potential. They not only present New Year’s traditions, but sell souvenirs, clothes and food from different countries. These areas have excellent buying potential. We will naturally tell our colleagues in India about this event, and we will be happy to consider participating next year. Indian companies will enjoy taking part; this year we do not yet have an Indian exhibit represented!”

Ms. Olga Slov, Consul General of Israel, said she liked the idea of how the countries were represented: “I loved the Israeli exhibit! In the very center of the room! We spent a lot of time there. It’s excellent that the park gives children the opportunity to develop and learn about traditions of different countries from an early age. My entire family loved the musical. The stage design and the presentation are stunning! This is a unique format for an event, and we wish it the best of luck.”

Representatives of the consulates said they liked the large number of entertainment opportunities for children of every age, the grandiose scale of the venue, the large number of visitors and the excellent work of the organizers. Next year, there will be more countries represented thanks to close partnerships with consulates of different countries!

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