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Space Christmas Tree Party in St. Petersburg

On January 2, 2019, World New Year, an educational and entertaining family space park opened in EXPOFORUM. Over a period of seven days, from January 2 through January 7, children and adults will travel around the Milky Way Galaxy and discover various mysteries of the planets. The program of the event includes an educational quest, various attractions, numerous workshops and Chernomor, a fairy-tale musical with 3D mapping, based on tales by Alexander Pushkin.

World New Year is returning for the third year in a row to teach young residents of St. Petersburg and guests of our city various New Year traditions. This time, the children are invited on a tour around our galaxy and learn a lot of new things about its structure. To do that, young astronauts (aged 3–6 and 7–14) will take a quest quiz entitled “Citizen of the Galaxy,” which connects seven stations with assignments for every member of the family. During the quest, the children and their parents will test their knowledge about atmospheric elements on Mercury and get their Mercury citizenship papers, study their super-skills on Venus, learn the traditional dance of residents of Uranus, help finish the construction of a research base on Mars, and much more. The final point of the quest quiz will be the Galaxy of Gifts, where each traveler will get nice gifts and delicious treats.

World New Year is not only a quest: the event program includes many other entertaining adventures. For instance, here you will be able to try what Space Speed feels like. The sports zone under this name will be the place where our young visitors will exercise their little legs on the trampoline, ride on the merry-go-round and take part in safe Turbo Bears Star Wars zone (laser paintball). Those of the guests over the age of seven, will experience the Parallel Reality in the VR zone. With the help of audio-visual technology, the children will travel around space and operate a real drone wearing their VR glasses.

Young, inquisitive minds will be invited to attend Sky Lab educational workshops. Here, they will attend lectures and classes on the topic of space, where each visitor will turn into a scholar and inventor. And those children who like to work with their hands, will attend creative workshops, where they will make soft and fluffy wire toys, paint a picture of “space dust” with colored sand, paint wooden toys, and much more.

The youngest of our guests will enjoy the Lilliputian Planet space, where they will be able to “swim” in a dry pool, or play some learning games. For instance, busy board homes help young children to develop their fine motor skills.

Chernomor, a family musical performance, will be shown twice a day. This show will tell its spectators a story of love, valor and honor. Ruslan and Lyudmila, Chernomor and the Black Beard, the Cat and the Golden Cockerel, as well as dancers, gymnasts and circus actors – all of them will meet in a big musical fairy tale based on Russian epics and works by Alexander Pushkin. The show will amaze the audience with bright music, vivid acting, beautiful costumes and incredible 3D-mapping technologies.

Point of Sustenance food court is awaiting those who will want to take a break and try some real space food, or, perhaps the dishes they know well. 

The World New Year festival was held for the first time in January 2017 in St. Petersburg, and brought together some 20,000 people. The number of visitors in 2018 reached 22,000 people. This year, the organizers expect to see some 25,000 visitors. The New Year festival space spans 15,000 square meters. Tickets of different kinds are available. You can choose to only visit the park or attend the musical, or combine the two and purchase a full-day ticket to the event.

The tickets are on sale on the website of the World New Year festival or in booking stations of EXPOFORUM.

Location: CEC EXPOFORUM, 64/1 Peterburgskoye Shosse, St. Petersburg.

«Expoforum» is a St. Petersburg brand
Expoforum became a laureate of Brand`s rating.
Strategic partner of Expoforum International is 5 years old
Saint Petersburg Convention Bureau turns 5 years old. Ambassadors of the city, dozens of the largest congress and exhibition international events, subsidies for organizers and hundreds of thousands of business tourists ‒ so SPB state budgetary institution "Congress and exhibition bureau" celebrates its fifth anniversary.
"Hipposphere" and "SmartTRANSPORT" – exhibition audit has passed
Two flagship exhibition project of "Expoforum-International" - "Hipposphere 2019" and "SmartTRANSPORT 2019" received a certificate of exhibition audit from the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs and auditing company "RussCom IT Systems" on 29th of July.

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