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Nicholas II's Favorite “motor”, Legendary Volga, 1966 Ford Mustang: Old Timer Gallery Exhibition at EXPOFORUM!

The 31st Old Timer Gallery exhibition of antique cars opened on April 22 at EXPOFORUM. The pavilion showcases rare exhibits from different times: the imperial “motors” of the early 20th century, the Soviet Volga and Moskvich, brutal and cinematic Fords of the 1960s, modern high-power and executive-class vehicles, and much more. The exhibition will be open until April 24.

This year the exhibition is held in St. Petersburg for the second time, and for the first time as an independent event. Project manager Ilya Sorokin welcomed the guests at the official opening ceremony: “The first races and rallies to Moscow, Warsaw and other cities historically started from the capital of the Russian Empire; His Imperial Majesty's own garage was founded here in 1907. The central exposition is devoted to the 115th anniversary of this event. It is a special pleasure to hold the project in EXPOFORUM – the most innovative venue of Russia.” He informed that the exhibits were carefully selected. Many of them were delivered from Moscow. “Our partner, the Special Purpose Garage Museum, has brought almost all of its “treasures” here from the reserve and the exposition,” Ilya Sorokin said.

Yuliya Kuzemskaya, Vice Chairwoman of St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development, hopes that the exhibition will become traditional for St. Petersburg. “This event is sure to become a point of attraction for residents and visitors to the city,” she said.

Aleksandr Ulyanov, Deputy General Director of Expoforum International, thanked the project leaders for their trust and for the brilliant exposition: “Despite the fact that the exhibition was held in Moscow for many years, it is only the second time that we are holding it in St. Petersburg, and enjoying the unbelievable cars from different epochs and the wonderful atmosphere. Notably, EXPOFORUM also hosts other car exhibitions, but we hope that the Old Timer Gallery will be a veritable gem among all our projects.”

Oksana Serpak, Press Secretary of the Special Purpose Garage Museum, said that the 115th anniversary of foundation of the Imperial Garage is a special date for the institution. “After the 1917 revolution, the entire car fleet in charge of the Emperor and later the Provisional Government has been transferred to the Leningrad Garage and titled the Special Purpose Garage. We have brought our key exhibits to the show. For instance, the Delaunay-Belleville 1909 “motor” came to St. Petersburg not just to “show off”: it is our movie star – the car is presently being filmed in a historic movie. The other day the car visited Tsarskoye Selo, the Winter Palace, and Saint Michael’s Manege. In fact, we immersed it in the memories of its youth,” Oksana Serpak said.

The Old Timer Gallery showcases such thematic collections as fire trucks, city passenger transport, vehicles of the socialist countries – People's Republic of Hungary, German Democratic Republic, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic; vehicles of actors who starred in dozens of movies, military vehicles, racing cars, muscle cars, hot rods and custom cars, Soviet and foreign cars and motorcycles – more than hundreds of unique wheeled exhibits and many thousands of antique items and souvenirs.

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