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WORLD NEW YEAR begins at Expoforum

World New Year, the largest family entertainment park in St. Petersburg, opened in EXPOFORUM CEC on January 2. Children and adults are invited to spend their winter break learning about New Year’s traditions in different countries: quests, workshops and developing seminars will provide excellent opportunities for learning. Twice a day, the audience is invited to watch Lukomorye, a musical show based on Russian folk tales and works by A. S. Pushkin.

This is the second time the “World New Year” event takes place at EXPOFORUM. The event venue spans 15,000 square meters. Natalya Pinson, head of the project, said that the goal of the celebration was to introduce residents of St. Petersburg of various age groups to traditions of different countries.

“We have prepared four areas with entertainment and learning activities. They are North, South, East and West. We also have Grandfather Frost in residence. During the quest, children learn about New Year’s holidays worldwide,” Natalya says.

Twice a day, at 11:00 am and 5:00 pm, the visitors are invited to attend Lukomorye, a musical performance. This is the first national musical based on Russian folk tales and poems by A. S. Pushkin. The show troupe consists of 43 professional performers who sing, dance, and do acrobatic tricks. For example, Koshchey the Deathless, who wants to capture the magical Lukomorye after 1,000 years of his happy and careless life, not only sings his lines, but even flies over the stage.

The musical features live sound, beautiful stage design and remarkable costumes that the audience just loved.

The EXPOFORUM Passage will house a real farm with small goats, minipigs and rabbits who you can take into your hands and pet. The Cinema Sphere Tent will present 3D films for children and adults. Visitors will also take pictures with an owl and a monkey wearing a Grandfather Frost suit.

The Fairytale Park will present the Yard of Wonders, where the visitors will enter a real hut, weave a basket, get onto a warm wood stove, learn folk dances and drink herb tea. Those who like working with their hands, will be able to attend caramel-making classes. Here the children will learn to make caramel candy on a stick. Eight children can work in the caramel workshop at a time. Last year, some 1,500 children learned to make their own caramel candy here. Every day, the staff will put together a big caramel Christmas tree.

The GaGaGames staff will play table games with the visitors. The fun games will teach you some good rules, give you a chance to show your creativity and have fun in the process. Children aged 4-5 and older are invited to attend.

The residence of Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden will be open to guests of the “World New Year” on January 2-7. The visitors will take pictures with the magical old man and his granddaughter, listen to his friendly advice and get good wishes for the New Year. This is where quest winners will get their awards as well.

Children and adults will be invited to join in fun activities: create sculptures of space sand, ride dinosaurs, race in cars, play with the animator team, get a snack at the food court and visit the Christmas Fair.

The World New Year event will be open until January 7. EXPOFORUM welcomes guests to come and spend some useful and fun time here during the Christmas break. More than 25,000 visitors are expected.

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